Monday, December 12, 2005

Here is my tree this year. This is the "Momma Tree" with the ornaments that I love and decorated as girlie as I want. The boys have their own tree that they decorated (which is why all the ornaments are in one spot) the way they wanted and with what they want (I found a hanger on it the other day!!) Posted by Picasa

The Boy's Treasure Tree Posted by Picasa

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

My boys love to be outside. All of them. They were all so excited to go outside and play in the snow. Our backyard has this great little slope to it and it is perfect for toddler sledding. Caleb loved it when Joseph would push him so fast that the sled would topple over and he would go rolling down the hill in the snow. That child has the greatest belly laugh that he saves for the most fun events in his life. This was one of them. Luke doesn’t love the cold, but absolutely loves to be outdoors so will tolerate the cold. He didn’t love going down the hill quite like big brother did, but was content just to be pulled around. It was a great afternoon of fun for my boys and when they came in Momma was waiting for them with some hot cocoa. Momma doesn’t care for the cold either!

Here's little bear not going too fast Posted by Picasa

Here's Caleb flying down the hill in our backyard Posted by Picasa

Caleb loved to be pulled fast...poor Daddy was getting tired! Posted by Picasa

Caleb thought it was so great to pull his brother like Daddy pulled him. Posted by Picasa

And Luke Bear liked it too! Posted by Picasa

The Maddry Men! Posted by Picasa

The cutest little snow bunny! Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 05, 2005

God's in it all

SO the Maddry house has been the…MAD House lately. Starting the day after Thanksgiving Joseph has been studying hard & long for the test and quiz that he had last week. He had 3 case studies due today and has a big test on Friday. Then next week he has 2 finals. So there had been stress and anxiety in our home last week. What finally put me over the edge was on Friday when Baby Bear got sick. He had fluids coming out of both ends and, as all of you with toddlers know, it is hard to hold the sick baby, tend to the mess all over the house AND take care of the 3 year old who is totally consumed with his needs. We had nothing to clean the carpet and I needed medicine for the baby so I HAD to call my Love to come home from school to help me. And of course he came without a complaint. He hadn’t planned on coming home until late in the evening and was planning on studying all weekend. I knew that and felt guilty about calling him and asking him to come home. When he came home I had a total meltdown. I felt overwhelmed by my sick child & demanding 3 year old and felt guilt over needing my husband during a very busy & stressful time in his life. I was a mess! A disaster would probably be a better word for it. So with delay, in order to throw a tantrum with kicking & screaming, I called out to God and without delay he came to the rescue. Our weekend was still hard (Caleb & I got sick, Luke stayed sick and Joseph didn’t get much studying done) but the peace that was over our house was the kind that only God could give. Our priorities shifted. We were once again reminded of God’s role & our place in this journey we are on. God POURED grace & mercy on us. Thank you, Lord, for your gentle teaching, sweet reassurance and much patience that you show to us. I read this this morning and thought it was perfect for me today:

If I’m loving others the way I’m loving myself, we’re all in trouble. May God awaken me to my life so I can help my kids be awake to theirs.
O God of rest and rejuvenation, guide me to find ways to let your nurturing reach me. I need to be healthy and well-rested in order to provide, lead, and inspire. Burning the candle at both ends all the time is hardly an example I’m proud of.
~ A Mother’s Daily Prayer Book

***as and end note…being sick yesterday did give me the time to sleep, rest & relax so thank you Lord for sickness too.**