Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

In one week from today I will be on a plane to Boston. And are you ready for this...

My husband will not be with me.

(drum roll please) and neither will my children! Two words: WHOOO-HOOOO

Yep, I am going to Boston without my beautiful family. This will be the first time that I have been on a plane in SEVEN years without a child. The first time in SEVEN years that I have ever been on a trip without my kids and my husband at the same time. And this trip is the longest that I have ever left my kids.

And I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

I seriously, have for years watched people in airplanes or airports and marveled when I see them by themselves. They get to sit and read? They get to put their table tray down in their laps? They get to get a drink without worrying their gorgeous child is going to spill it on the businessmen next to them? They get to sit? They get to layover without wandering the terminal in hopes that the baby will fall asleep? They don't have strollers? They get to read? They aren't worried about using all their snacks before the plane even takes off? And I bet they even get to go to the bathroom without holding a baby!!!??? Wow.

And I will be one of them in a week!! Can you tell I am giddy with excitement? That's because it is a week away.

Next week I am going to be a nervous wreck!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caleb's Kindergarten Graduation

Caleb graduated from Kindergarten and had his ceremony last night! He was so excited and we are so proud of him. Here are some pictures of the big event:

Caleb and his class lined up and ready to go.

My little graduate! Is this child beautiful or what?! Gosh, he is a cute kid!!

Caleb receiving his diploma from his teacher.

A mama and her boy. I cannot believe that I am old enough to have a first grader! Didn't I just have this child yesterday? Time is flying by me.

My three favorite men.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mad Highlights

A lot has been going on and I want to recap, but everytime I sit down there is so much to write I close the computer.

I am NOT closing the computer tonight. I decided bullet points might make this easier. Here goes:
  • One of the things that we have been obsessing over lately is purchasing a new car. It has been a BIG decision because now that our little family, isn't quite so little, there is a lot to take into consideration. Do we buy a replacement car for me? Do we buy another big vehicle to accommate all of us? Do we buy a commuter car? Do we buy older or newer? And on. And on. What has made it even harder is that we don't have a car payment and really don't want one. We both have very strong feelings about debt and have no desire to go into it. So, we finally decided on a car. When we finally get it (which will hopefully be tomorrow) I'll let you know what the decision was...
  • Another thing that has been consuming our time is swimming lessons. The kids have their lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays and while I like them, am glad that we are doing them and really enjoy the time I get to spend with my friends, next to the pool while our kids take their lessons, it is still time consuming. But, I'm glad we are going it. Most days. I will have pictures soon...
  • Joseph's schedule has been amazing! Simply fabulous-o!! In the past two weeks he has only worked 1 time past 3pm and even called one morning to say that he was on his way home! I totally wish that this was how it would be for the rest of my life... Wake up, Sabrina. Your dreaming again!
  • Soccer is still going strong! Both boys are playing, so we have games on one day and practice on the other. Add swimming to that and, whew, it's exhausting. But they love it, so I deal. Y'all know I wouldn't have it anyother way than...crazy!My weightloss program is going s-t-r-o-n-g! I know, suprises you doesn't it? Me too. I currently weigh less than I have in 10 years. Feels good!! And I think I may just keep going...

So, yeah, we've had a few things goin' on. But y'all know I like it that way!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm getting caught up on some pictures from our recent adventures and here are some pictures from SeaWorld. I took the kids by myself a couple of weeks ago and we all had fun. Last year the girlies didn't have much interest, but this year was a different story. They really enjoyed all the animals, especially the penguins.

Diva's taking a break and enjoying a snack.
Obsessed with flowers!

Can I please get a picture with all four of my Darlings smiling?!
And nope.
This is Ella enjoying the sand. In about 1 minute she will start saying, "Yucky, yucky!" while crying because she can't get the sand off her hands.
Yep, there it is!
Brothers. Yum!! Aren't they cute?!
Lily Kate, crackin' me up! She just stood there, frozen, crying about the sand. Apparently she didn't like the feel of it under her feet!
Diva's riding in style.
My Darlings, gosh I love them! They make me crazy, but I think they're keepers.
Nascar fans.
Lily Kate, yucky face and all...
...and Ella, crooked glasses and yucky face. I love those shishers!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well, it's finally over. I have had the two busiest weeks of the year and the finale was tonight - the twins birthday par-tay! And it was the perfect ending to a crazy couple of weeks. Seriously, my every day schedule is what most of my friends call 'busy' so you can imagine that my level of busy is...ridiculous. But it is over and I can finally kick my feet up and relax. For a few moments anyway!

Today we had the girlies b-day party and while it poured torrential rain, it cleared up and was sunny and beautiful just in time for the party. We bought a bouncy castle and the girls LOVED it! Just loved it!! So did all the rowdy boys that came to the party. When they were in it, it was like a WWF wrestling match. I think everyone had a great time and I am so thankful for the great friends that came out for our big celebration.

Have no fear, I will post pictures and updates soon. Right now, though, I am going to rest. Much needed and deserved rest...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily Kate and Ella!

Little Twinkies!! You are two years old today and I can't believe it! Really, little loves, it seems like yesterday that I was in the ER - sick as can be - when the doc says, "Well, it looks like there are two babies. Congratulations! You're having twins!" I was so shocked and happy and worried and excited and nervous and sick and overwhelmed and... And now you girlies are two and I am nothing but absolutely in love with the two of you. We all are!

Lily Kate, happy birthday little beauty. When I think of you I smile because you really do have the most amazing smile. You crinkle your nose and it melts our hearts. Especially Daddy and brothers. You have them wrapped around your little finger. Lily Kate, you are the little mama. You particularly love to boss people around and Luke and Ella are typically the ones you are bossing the most. They don't listen to you, but that doesn't stop you. You love to clean and will use a box of baby wipes to clean furniture, walls, floors and even Ella! You also like to do Ella's hair and have figured out that when we have Ella pinned down to change her diaper is a great time to wipe her face and fix her hair. It's so cute. Lily Kate you are sweet, smart, really mechanical - your fine motor skills are impressive!, nurturing (when Ella is crying you will say, "What's wrong Ella" or "What's wrong sisher?"), stubborn, sensitive, girlie, loving, and thoughtful. Little Kate, I pray that you grow up to be a woman who loves Jesus and lives that out loud. I pray that you stay sweet, loving, stubborn, sensitive and thoughtful and that God uses those characteristics he blessed you with to draw others to him. My prayer for you is that you are a little light to those around you and that others are drawn to you not only because of who you are, but more importantly because of who God is in you. I love you Lily.

Ella girl, you make me laugh. You are such a mama's girl it is ridiculous! And I love it!! You don't know it yet, but you are perfecting the role of "youngest of four." You love being the baby. You walk around here sucking your two fingers and carrying your very best friend, "Pingy" all over the house. You take that little friend everywhere you go. Ella you are sooo girlie (you love bows, dresses and will turn in front of the mirror and say, "pretty") but while you are girl, you are also adventurous. You like to play in sand and dirt, but you just don't like to be dirty for too long. When big brothers want to play rough, you are their girl. You like to be all rough and tough, but after you are done playing their game you want the boys to sit still so that you can put bows in their hair! Ella you are verbal, funny, silly, loving, spunky, particular and out-going. My girl, I pray that you grow up to love Jesus with every ounce of your soul and that you are passionate about it. I pray that you grow up with strong convictions that are rooted in Christ, but that you are also compassionate and loving to those that don't share your convictions. I pray that you are never ashamed of the Gospel and that you live that out loud in all you do. I love you little Ella!

My prayer for both you little shishers is that you grow up and marry a man like your papa. You are blessed with a Daddy who has integrity, wisdom and loves his God and his family. Please my little babies, don't settle for less. I pray that you have a strong relationship that stands the test of time and distance, and that you always cherish one another. And lastly I pray that you both, along with your big brothers, grow up, grow strong and grow close together. I picture you all like four strong tall redwoods, reaching up to Jesus with tough, thick roots that are intertwined with one another.

I love you girls, with more love than I ever thought I had in me. You are such joys and I am blessed to be your mama.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Bush Tees?"

The "Shisher's" (that's how they say 'sister') are growing up SO fast and in the past month their vocabulary has expanded immensely! Listening to them talk to one another brings me pure joy! They seriously crack me up! Their bossy and loving all in the same conversation. They take turns telling on another to "be kite" (be quiet), "no, no shisher" (no, no sister), "come" (in the bossiest voice I have ever heard, and "put...back!" And then after all the bossiness they love to hold hands, kiss one another and when one is crying the other will run and get her lovey for her.

I love these little Twinkies!

Their lastest fav is brushing their teeth. Seriously, they love to brush their teeth! Here is some of that absolute cuteness:

Monday, May 04, 2009

The little people I missed!

Love and I are back from our little weekend getaway and it was delightful! Absolutely perfect. I only had 1 breakdown. It was about 4 hours after we had been away and I cried about missing the kids. Love looked at me like I was insane, recovered quickly because he knows how I hate it when he acts like I'm crazy (when I am!) and then said, "I know, it's hard being away from the kids. Now, lets do some shopping!" Does that man know me and how to cheer me up or what?!?!?!

My little Darlings didn't want to talk to me on the phone and the one time that Caleb did he told me that he didn't miss me and forgot I was even gone! What?! I give you everything I have, pour my heart and soul into you, and adore the ground you walk on AND this is how you feel about me?!


Then, today, when they saw me they both ran up to me, hugged me tightly and cried. I knew they loved me.

It was reinforced at dinner tonight when we asked the kids our nightly dinner question, "What was the favorite part of your day?" Both boys said, "When I saw you and you came home." Gosh, I love those little people

I really did have a wonderful trip. The B & B that we stayed at was absolutely charming, our hosts were a total hoot, we did some fun hiking in a spot that looked nothing like Texas and everything like Colorado, had fun shopping (I had a lot of fun, Lovey said he had fun buying me things - I heart that man!) in the cutest little town, and ate at some fabulous restaurants with live music and great food.

Best of all we were without our little Love's, able to finish a conversation, and able to refocus on our marriage and the kind of parents we want to be.


Saturday, May 02, 2009


  • ...the girlies lay their changing pad out, lie down on it with diaper in hand while yelling, "iper anchge," are they ready to be potty trained?
  • ...the girlies pat their bottoms while saying, "yucky" and then run and get a diaper, are they ready to be potty trained?
  • ...the girlies take their own very wet diaper off and then hand me a new diaper, are they ready to be potty trained?

Hmmm. That's what I was thinking.

Now if only they had a mama who was ready TO potty train!

Excitement has many different faces

He was up, showered, dressed and packed by 7:30 this morning. On his first daay off in weeks. I think my man is ready to go.

Now, if only I could drag myself out of bed.

Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm still here!

I am in the mood to ramble. Consider yourself warned...

Have y'all missed me? If you haven't, don't tell me. My very fragile ego could be broken!

Whew! It has been a crazy 4 months. In case you haven't read the past 50 posts, Joseph's hours have been terrible. We haven't seen much of him and it has been hard on all of us. The good news is that it is OVER!!!! Today was the end of this rotation and tomorrow Love and I are going away...BY OURSELVES!!!!!!!


Remember a while back when we were talking about Mexico? Well, we decided at the beginning of March that neither one of us felt "good" about going. It was really weird. We both loved the idea, had the money and still want to do it at some point, but didn't feel like this was the right time. And I am so glad that God gave us that "feeling" and that we both were in agreement. Because... Swine Flu! We have enough issues around here without the swine flu hitting our house. Sheesh, I get crazy when we catch a cold... Seriously.

While we are not going to Mexico, we are going away and I've heard it's really pretty where we are going. In reality though, we could be in a tent in the middle of nowhere (preferably not Mexico) and I would be thrilled just to get some time alone with my man! It has been...actually I don't remember how long it has been since Joseph and I have had a couple of days alone together. So this is much needed!

I'm so excited!

When we reminded the kids that Gigi was going to come and take care of them tomorrow Caleb(in the most theatrical voice you have ever heard) said, "I don't know if I'll make it without you!" D-R-A-M-A. Get's that from his papa! (Snicker)

On to other news. My girlies are turning 2 next month and I am beside myself with emotions. They are so cute and funny and I really want time to freeze for a little while. Sometimes I feel like, with the twins, it goes twice as fast. Clock, slow down...

More news to report - I have lost 7 pounds in the past 2 weeks. I have been accused of "going on and on" about my weight loss/gain, so if you are sick of hearing about it...TOO BAD, don't read! I am excited now about my recent return to the "program" and that this time I have accountability and friends on this journey with me. And even though my bff that is doing this with me is nursing a child and gets 9,000 more points that I do (okay, maybe it is more like 12) she is still quite encouraging. But, don't think it hasn't crossed my mind to find a baby and start nursing again...

Okay, I need to go to bed. We have a big day tomorrow!!

I have tons of pictures and many posts that I will try to get to next week. Love has the whole week off, so I will finally have time to do a few "extra" things around here. Hopefully blogging will be one of them.