Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mad Highlights

A lot has been going on and I want to recap, but everytime I sit down there is so much to write I close the computer.

I am NOT closing the computer tonight. I decided bullet points might make this easier. Here goes:
  • One of the things that we have been obsessing over lately is purchasing a new car. It has been a BIG decision because now that our little family, isn't quite so little, there is a lot to take into consideration. Do we buy a replacement car for me? Do we buy another big vehicle to accommate all of us? Do we buy a commuter car? Do we buy older or newer? And on. And on. What has made it even harder is that we don't have a car payment and really don't want one. We both have very strong feelings about debt and have no desire to go into it. So, we finally decided on a car. When we finally get it (which will hopefully be tomorrow) I'll let you know what the decision was...
  • Another thing that has been consuming our time is swimming lessons. The kids have their lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays and while I like them, am glad that we are doing them and really enjoy the time I get to spend with my friends, next to the pool while our kids take their lessons, it is still time consuming. But, I'm glad we are going it. Most days. I will have pictures soon...
  • Joseph's schedule has been amazing! Simply fabulous-o!! In the past two weeks he has only worked 1 time past 3pm and even called one morning to say that he was on his way home! I totally wish that this was how it would be for the rest of my life... Wake up, Sabrina. Your dreaming again!
  • Soccer is still going strong! Both boys are playing, so we have games on one day and practice on the other. Add swimming to that and, whew, it's exhausting. But they love it, so I deal. Y'all know I wouldn't have it anyother way than...crazy!My weightloss program is going s-t-r-o-n-g! I know, suprises you doesn't it? Me too. I currently weigh less than I have in 10 years. Feels good!! And I think I may just keep going...

So, yeah, we've had a few things goin' on. But y'all know I like it that way!

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