Monday, June 28, 2010

I never dreamed I would be a zoo keeper

While Joseph and I were dating, I talked about getting a dog.  All.the.time.  He promised that after we got married, we would get one.  Now that I think about it, we never really talked about having kids...but, mercy, did we talk about getting a dog.

So we get married, move to Minot and start the hunt for a dog.  A couple of months after our move and once we were settled in, we got Titan Dog Mad.  And that same week found out we were pregnant with Caleb.  How's that for timing?!

I don't know if it is because Caleb has grown up with Titan or if it is just in his temperament, but he loves animals.  Loves them.  No, seriously, LOVES them.  He studies them, reads about them and watches shows about them.  Hence the reason we have had a dog, turtle, lizard, fish, gerbil and most recently acquired a kitten.  If I would allow it, we would also have a ferret, monkey, bird, tiger, mouse, killer whale, chinchilla, rabbit, rat and iguana.  Did I mention he loves animals?

So you can imagine the drama that came while we were on our way home from our beach trip this weekend and we got a call from our house sitter telling us that Titan Dog Mad knocked over Rascal Gerbil Mad's cage and killed him.  Poor child was devastated.

For approximately 5 minutes until I suggested that he get a new one at the pet store.  Rascal Gerbil Mad suddenly became a thing of the past and he started begging for both a ferret and chinchilla.

We agreed on a hamster. 

Today, he and Daddy went and got Hammy the Hamster Mad.  This dude is huge.  Apparently he is still a baby and was the smallest one there.  Frightening.

He's cute and we all love him.  Especially Titan Dog Mad and Pretty Kitty Mad.

Welcome to my jungle:
My little animals.
This one makes me laugh!  Anyone for a game of chase:
I think they like each other:
Say cheese and smile:

Monday, June 21, 2010

This girl likes her shoes!

This is my girl Lily Kate.  And she LOVES shoes.  Hers, mine and even Daddy's!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Visit with Hannah

My SIL, Hannah, came from Alaska for a visit last month. We hadn't seen her in a while, so it was really great to visit with her. While she was here we went down to the River for lunch and here are some pictures from our afternoon.

Joseph and Hannah.  Can you tell their related?!
Sister, sister

Daddy and Ella

We're still here!

First let me warn you that I am in a coma induced by too many Oreo's, so if this post makes no sense...blame it on the sugar.

Hello my little blog. I do think of you often. The problem is not that I have too little to say. I have so much to talk about and out of a fear of sounding wordy, confused, disorganized, over-commited, non-committal, crazy and oh - MYSELF, I've neglected writing. My other big issue is that I have so much catching up to do that I wasn't sure where to start.

So I'm not sold that I'm going to try to catch up. I may or may not back post, I may or may not catch up. Who knows? But for now I'm just Ready or not...


Caleb turned 8 yesterday and we had his partay this weekend. (I do have his birthday letter somewhere on this computer...) I cannot believe that I have an 8 year old. Mercy, time is flying by. That kid cracks me up! All his birthday presents involved toys for his animals OR gift cards to pet stores. His best present was given to him by his mama and daddy, his new little kitten Marble! Now, anyone who knows me knows I HATE CATS.

Okay, like I tell the kids, hate is a strong word. Maybe I don't hate them. But, I am definitely afraid of them. And I definitely don't like them. At.all.

But, Marble is different. She isn't a cat. She is this cute little furry kitten. Who totally makes me laugh and who is so cuddly!

So, yes, Marble joined our zoo house. And to say that Caleb is in love with her is an understatement. He cries out of nowhere and when I ask what's wrong he says, "I'm just so happy. I love Marble so much. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me!"

Makes the whole fact that we are having a hard time litter training her worth it. Almost.


Joseph has been working 2 days a week for the past 3 weeks and it really has been fabulous! I'm wondering where he could find a job with these hours?

It has been a great thing, too, because I have been working a lot lately. And I really like it. There are two of us that teach yoga at my gym and the other instructor has been out of town a lot this month, so I have been subbing her classes. And then I picked up a Trekking class too. Love it!

Seriously having fun and getting paid for it. Can't beat that!


I've been doing the Zone for about 7 weeks or so and this is the week of reckoning! I'm remeasuring and recalculating my body fat. I can't wait. I know, bizarre that I'm really looking forward to this...? I've lost 12 pounds and am seeing a number on the scale that I haven't seen in, oh I dunno, 10 plus years!! I'm healthier and stronger now than I have ever been. It's only taken me 3 years to get here. Better late than never, right?!


The boys have been home from school for almost a month now and I really love having them home. Don't get me wrong, there are days where I'm losing it and I'm convinced someone is going to call CPS on me. Lucky for the kids their Daddy has been home a lot so the calls to CPS have been minimal.


The twins took swim lessons this month and are convinced they know how to swim. They don't. taking them to the pool is frightening.


We are going to the beach this weekend and I'm oh-so-excited. We rented a beach house with 2 other families that we love and it is going to be so much fun!! Between us there are 12 kids, between the ages of 2 and 11. The house has beach access, a pool and enough room for all of us..hopefully! Both of the families that are going with us are amazing and fun and we all laugh a lot together. Oh, and one of our friends surfs, so I'm looking forward to learning how.


Alrighty, I think that is all for now. My blog needs some new pictures and a face lift, so since my man is working tonight and my boys are in Houston with their Nana I may take advantage of the girls going to bed early and work on my blog. Maybe...