Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We went to an air show a couple of weeks ago at Andrews AFB and it was the first time that either boys had been to one. It was a "boys date" and begrudgingly they allowed me to come and were not interested in having pictures taken on their date (so were pleased when I left my camera back at the car and suprisingly enough no one offered to go and get it for me!). The boys were so excited and LOVED the show. So for the next week (plus) Caleb has been pretending that he is one of the Blue Angels (I keep forgetting what they are called and keep calling them Blue Thunder which is the name of Caleb's bike..Caleb thinks it's ridiculous that I can't remember the Blue Angel's name and Joseph thinks it's ridiculous that I name bikes)! He even made a plane out of a box - with a little help from Dad, but most of it was all him!

Here Caleb is doing his version of the Blue Angel salute that they give the crowd. (I missed the performance of the Blue Angels. I had a headache and went to take a nap in the car.) He is using his police helmet as his pilot helmet, his belt for a seat belt, and one of his drum sticks as a whatever they call those things that drive a plane (how in the world did this chick ever get boys!!)

and this is my favorite...

Caleb loves to wear his Daddy's shoulder boards on his clothes. And check out that salute!!!

For his birthday we ordered a kids size flight suit for him!! I can't wait until he get's it!! He's going to love it. Joseph even got to pick out the patches that we wanted on it.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Can you tell me how to get...

how to get to Sesame Street!

We went with our friends the Ziggy’s to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania and it was probably the best place we have ever been with the kids. We all had a blast! Sesame Place is a water park geared for kids 2-5 so the kids had so much fun riding rides they had never ridden before. There were water slides, roller coasters, shows, and so much more. The rides were super fun – even for adults. The kids were all so well behaved and aside from a little bit of rain it really was one of the best trips we have ever been on. It was such a blessing to have that time with our amazing friends before we all move this summer.

Here we are at Sesame Place and everyone is pretty excited - especially Luke! Posted by Picasa

Joseph and Caleb are in the front. This was Caleb's first roller coaster ride ever and he loved it!! Posted by Picasa

there go Joseph, Amy, Caleb & Josiah on the roller coaster! Posted by Picasa

At frist I was thinking, "Oh, how nice a kiddie roller coaster"... Posted by Picasa

but boy it really made my stomach lurch! There are Mike and Josiah behind us. Posted by Picasa

My sweet Luke!! He's getting so big! Posted by Picasa

While the big boys were climbing some cool, but high ropes Amy and I took the babies on a ride. Posted by Picasa

Joseph took all the boys Posted by Picasa

Mike and Amy had their romantic ride with sweet Elise Posted by Picasa

And after we took the kids, Joseph and I went on a romantic ride by ourselves (tainted by the fact that while we were in the air, Luke fell down and busted his head - must have been while Aunt Amy was watching him!!!) Posted by Picasa

At Sesame Place they have a parade with all the characters & singing & dancing. Posted by Picasa

And Zoe waving goodbye at the end of the parade Posted by Picasa

It poured rain for a little while and the kids loved that! I think that it's funny that you never have to teach a child to jump in seems to be genetic. Posted by Picasa

While we are waiting for the ride to start I got a snap shot of the beautiful Zeigler girls! I think Jospeh was trying to get in on the shot too! Posted by Picasa

"I think the paparazzi is trying to get our picture Caleb!" Posted by Picasa

Caleb and I took a picture of ourselves! Posted by Picasa

Caleb did a tour of Sesame Street and of course his first stop was the fire station! Posted by Picasa

next stop was the Grouch's trash can and luckily we didn't run into him! Posted by Picasa

while the babies did what they do best - lounge around and eat! Posted by Picasa

The mommies and big boys tried out this slide first and it was a blast!  Posted by Picasa

safe landing Posted by Picasa

and then everyone went except for the Mommy of the sleeping bear Posted by Picasa

This was one of the favorites of the day! Sesame Place has the coolest rides! Posted by Picasa

check this little stud out! i love this look that he gives like he's a studly man, ready to conquer that slide again... Posted by Picasa