Monday, April 17, 2006


Holy Week was a great on here at the Maddry's. We had an Easter egg hunt mid week at our Daddy's school, Grandma & Pappy came to visit, we dyed easter eggs together, had some of our favorite friends over for Easter Sunday dinner & an egg hunt, and then went on a long bike ride as a family and let the kids play at parks along the way. We also got to teach Caleb that Christ defeated Satan & death, rose from the dead and gave us all the promise of resurrection if we too believe. I honestly think this was my best Easter yet!
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And they're off... Posted by Picasa

Caleb with his camouflage egg...what do you expect to find at a military school? Posted by Picasa

Luke with his first egg.. Posted by Picasa

Caleb really wanted to help Luke find eggs, but Luke has a mind of his own and goes his own direction! Posted by Picasa

I love this face...always with food on it! Posted by Picasa

My boys and their loot Posted by Picasa

This is what Luke likes to do with Easter eggs - throw them like a ball. Posted by Picasa

Easter egg dying with my boys! Posted by Picasa

Joseph desperately trying to stop Luke from making a bigger mess.
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I love you Joseph Maddry! Posted by Picasa

Caleb's smile/grimace! Posted by Picasa

Look at this little innocent look! Posted by Picasa

Luke trying to destroy his eggs Posted by Picasa

Caleb decorating his eggs Posted by Picasa

Why is Superman walking around with his fragile little eggs? Better yet, why are his parents letting him? Posted by Picasa

And here is what we caught Superman doing - launching his eggs down the slide! Posted by Picasa

My little man! Posted by Picasa

Luke was pretty much in awe of these big boys running around our backyard! Posted by Picasa

Luke's big dilemma - how does he get that egg in his basket without putting down the eggs in his hand? Posted by Picasa

look how serious their faces are...this is buisness! Posted by Picasa

2 peas in a pod! Posted by Picasa

Here are some of Caleb's good friends - the Crandall boys - and baby brother is looking for some eggs while there are no big boys running around! Posted by Picasa

Caleb and Luke love riding in the bike trailer together! Posted by Picasa

And here is what Joseph has to pull around DC...the kids & what you can't see is Caleb's bike hooked on the back of the bike trailer. Posted by Picasa