Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Double the Blessing!

Nana holding her sweet peas

Caleb loves to hold them both at the same time

Geepa with the girls

A VERY proud papa holding his baby girls
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Manly Work!

Over the long weekend we had some dirt delivered to the house to put down on the lawn. I'm not sure I really understand why we had dirt delivered, but the boys were sure excited about it. Luke and I missed watching the dump truck deliver the dirt, but I heard Caleb got to watch the whole thing and was thrilled. Geepa was here and helped Joseph spread it over the lawn. The boys had so much fun "helping" and playing in the dirt.

Caleb with his shovel...

and then there is Lukie with his shovel!

Luke would then load it into his dump truck and take it to Daddy.
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They were FILTHY, but had a blast!

Look at that happy boy :)

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Our First Week as a Family of SIX!

I can hardly believe that the twins are a week old!! Time has really flown by. Our first week home was actually much easier than I anticipated. I think that I had imagined the worst, so this was a pleasant surprise. We all adjusted way better than I thought that we would. Of course much of that was due to the fact that we had lots of help. My mom is here and she basically took care of the boys, my amazing friends are making meals for us for the next month, and it was the cleaners week to visit our house. Oh, and Joseph has had two 4 day weekends now!! (God is good!) So if I had a personal chef, live in nanny, housekeeper & husband that didn't work, this mom of 4 kids under 5 thing would be easy!!!

We grow more in love with the girls every day! Joseph and I are more in love than we thought we could be, Caleb calls the girls "princesses", and even Luke kisses them every now and again. Caleb actually told me the other day, "I think the girls are the cutest things God ever made!" He was quite excited to announce to his class that his sister were born and when anyone comes to the house Caleb wants to hold the babies and show everyone how great he is at holding them. Luke's teachers at school said that he was telling everyone about the "baby girls"! Earlier one of the girls was fussing when I was changing their diaper and Luke told me "Don't hurt the babies!" I feel super blessed that these boys are already in love with and protective over their sisters.

Ella & Lily are doing well. We had doctors appts. for them twice this past week and they look very healthy. They picked up nursing quite easily and are already gaining weight. At night they go 4-5 hour stretches and we aren't complaining about that! If someone is here to help it only takes 45 min. to feed, burp & diaper the babies. If I am doing it all solo it takes about an hour. The biggest problem that we are having with them is that dreaded PACIFIER! When it falls out of their mouths they are drama. At 2 am duct tape starts to sound reasonable! (NO we would NEVER actually do it!)

We have gone on a couple of outings with the girls and we certainly draw a lot of attention. I guess that in some cultures it is good luck to stroke the heads of twins. Not too crazy about random people touching the head of my newborns!

Mama is doing really good too. I so appreciate the small things in life now...being able to stand in the shower, having the ability to put my under/pants on in less than 5 minutes, not having all food leave a weird after taste, being able to sleep on my stomach & the ability to breathe is nice too. I've lost over 20 pounds which is pretty good since I only gained 30. The bad part is that everything has shifted from it's original position. I was hoping to lose 40 pounds, but that isn't looking likey. Joseph is constantly reminding me that it's only been a week since I gave birth to the twins so be patient.

Earlier today I had all 4 of my kids in the car and it felt complete. I always wondered if I could love the girls as much as I love Caleb & Luke and since the moment I saw them I fell in love. My kids are amazing & my God is too!

Sisters sharing secrets!

I think in this picture you can definitely tell them apart. Ella is on the left and Lily is on the right. Aren't they too cute?! I thought about using this as their announcement picture?

Not too sure who this is. Isn't that kinda sad. I do know where we were at...Caleb's preschool graduation. And I do know that whoever it is, she's stinkin' cute in her froggy outfit. It was a preemie outfit that they will only wear once because they grew so fast!

Lily on the left ready to catch a fly in her mouth and Ella is on the right looking disgusted at being dressed in frog wear.
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They tend to sleep with their faces smashed up against each other. When one wakes up and starts screaming in the other ones face she doesn't wake her up! It's amazing. We also think that it is pretty amazing how much better they sleep when the are together as opposed to being apart.
We are starting to put them in different clothes or blankets, so that we can quickly tell them apart!

One time when those dreaded pacifiers are staying in! Don't they look so much alike?!

Two little peas in a pod
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Caleb's Graduation from Preschool

Caleb had his preschool graduation today and it was quite emotional for me! I cried watching him walk so proudly down the aisle of the sanctuary to the stage. Looking at the girls so tiny and helpless reminded me of when Caleb was that tiny. It seems like it was just yesterday - time is flying by way too fast! The best part of my over emotional state is that Caleb really isn't graduating from preschool to kindergarten next year!!! We are letting him stay home and attend preschool a couple days a week again next year. Academically Caleb is more than ready for kindergarten, but he is still so young -not even 5 yet- and we'd like him to be a little bigger, older and more mature before starting school. Plus I'm not ready to send him off quite yet. I want him to be here to experience the girls first year with Luke and I. He doesn't seem to mind at all, he just wanted to be involved in graduation with the rest of his class. And in a sense he is graduating from this class to another class with different classmates. So although I was emotional I didn't fall apart like I'm sure I will next year!!

Here is the cake that was made for them with the entire classes picture.

And here is Caleb's picture right in the middle.

Here is Caleb walking up to the stage. He looked so grown up and proud of himself.

The kids led us in the pledge of allegiance.
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The kids are performing another song that they learned this year.

These are Caleb's teachers Mrs. Maree and Mrs. Melanie. They were wonderful and really taught the kids so much! I was amazed at all they learned.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our 2 new additions!!

What an adventure the last 6 days have been! Here is a quick (okay maybe not so quick) recap of what has been going on at the "Mad House"....

Last Wed. - were supposed to go in and have the babies. Well we never went in and instead we sat around the house and waited for the hospital to call and say that there was an open room for us. The call never came. I didn't eat all day and by 3 we called the hospital and were told there wouldn't be any open rooms and to try again tomorrow. Very disappointing!

Last Thurs. - we called at 4:30 am and were told to come in by 5:30 am that they would then have a room for us. We got there at 5:15 am and there were no rooms. The nurse told us to hang out in the waiting room, that they would for sure have something by the afternoon because they were discharging 6 people. We waited all day, watched 4 pregnant women come in with their water broken and were sent home at 4 pm and told to try again the next day. Beyond very disappointing! (Especially since I once again didn't get to eat all day...hey, I'm a prego lady feeding 3!)

Last Friday - we called at 4 am and were told to come in that they would find something for us, a broom closet - anything, because they felt so bad. We went in, got a room right away and waited all day for them to start the "flipping" procedure. They came in at 3:30 am and they started the torturous procedure of trying to turn Lily and keep her there so that I could deliver without a c-section. It worked and we had babies...FINALLY!!!!

We were so excited to have these kids without surgery and feel quite blessed to have had the AMAZING doctors that we had who really worked with us. I feel pretty good all things considering. I was disappointed to find out after delivery that I wasn't going to turn into a super model after getting 2 kids out, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since I wasn't one to begin with! The girls are GORGEOUS! and we are all smitten with them. Okay, maybe not Luke. It was funny, when Luke and Caleb walked into the room for the first time to meet the girls they were both a little bashful. Caleb was immediately interested in the girls. Luke (maybe) looked at them for a second and then realized that out my hospital window you could see "aircraft" and had no interest in the girls at all after that! Now that we are home not much has changed. Caleb wants to hold them all the time, reads books to them and sings to them. It is SO surprising and amazing!! Lily is his favorite right now (because she is baby A and the letter A is the second letter in his name) and he can never figure out which one is which. Luke is still somewhat indifferent to them. Afterall they can't throw a ball, wrestle or get him food so how interesting can they be?

Back to the girls. They are BEAUTIFUL!! We don't think that they are identical, but they are hard enough to tell apart that we have to keep them labeled and we keep their hospital bands on their feet. Joseph seems to be the best at telling them apart. I can't for anything get them right. It will be interested to see how time changes them. We had a bit of a scare at the hospital with Ella. She stopped breathing and turned blue. They both have reflux pretty bad and the first couple of days didn't know what to do with it. They seem to be better at getting it up today, but you can tell it is still quite painful for both. They kept her in the NICU for observation after her incident and that was hard and exhausting for Joseph and I. Other than that it seems like they are perfectly perfect in every way!

Last night was our first night home and it was exhausting! Poor Joseph has probably had about 15 hours of sleep since Thursday night and had to go back to work today. I haven't had much more, but at least am getting to nap when the girls nap. Last night the girls aslept for 2 hours and then one or the other was up fussing for the next 3 hours. Painful. But they are wonderful and beautiful and I wouldn't trade them for all the sleep in the world. We are praying that it gets better though!

Here are some pictures...enjoy!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Lots of paperwork for twins!

Mommy while waiting for the doctors to arrive...this was BEFORE any trauma had happened to me!

Daddy and Mommy waiting...after they had traumatized me!
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Meet our girls!

Fresh from the womb

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Ella Grace

Lily Kate

We are SO happy to meet our girls...FINALLY!!

Their first trip to get their hair done. Daddy should be happy this one was courtesy of the United Stated Air Force. I have a feeling our next ones won't be free!!

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Sister, Sister

Sisters holding hands!

Isn't that the cutest!!!!

I can't wait to see if they will always look this similar!

This is how they sleep best...right next to each other!

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