Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Great Camp Out!

Caleb got a tent from his Great-grandparents for his birthday and boy was he excited! He got it while his Daddy was gone and couldn't wait for his Daddy to com home so that they could have a camp out! We have had to wait a while to find a day when it wasn't raining which was hard since we have had so much rain here lately!

Here are the kids after they got the tent set up. Caleb's little girl friend from across the street came to help out (notice all the camo!) I have no idea why it is 1000 degrees out and Caleb insists on wearing his Batman costume all over town?

Batman and Peter Pan...you gotta love it!

And here are my handsome men doing some bedtime reading in the tent.
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Marshmellow's Anyone?

The boys were so excited about roasting marshmallow's for their big camp out and that is all that they talked about all day! After dinner the boys went to the store to get some marshmallows (Daddy took them in their jammies) and as soon as they got home they went out to roast them on the grill. Daddy also made hot chocolate on the grill for the boys!

The boys watching in awe and with excitement as Daddy puts a yummy marshmallow at the end of a cool stick and puts it in the fire. What could be more cool to 2 little boys?

Caleb taking his first bite of roasted marshmallow...

then deciding that he didn't like "the black stuff" so would prefer a plain old marshmallow on a stick!

The marshmallow brothers!
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Nana Bear!

Well, if you know anything about me you know that my mom and I are obsessed with each other. Obsessed sounds strong, but I think in our case that would be putting it mildly. We talk everyday on the phone (at least once a day) and there isn't much that goes on in either of our lives that we don't know about. My mom is super involved in the kids lives, is totally in love with them and tells any & every person she meets all about all of us. And boy do my kids love their Nana Bear.
So it is sad for me to report that my mama is sick and in the hospital. It's nothing terribly serious (kidney stones that came out of nowhere and hit pretty hard) but I haven't really talked to her in a couple of days and I'm going crazy. I take my mom so for granted. I think that we all do. She drives me crazy, is always in my business, worries about us like crazy, but I'm seriously in love with her and couldn't have asked for a better mom or grandmother for my kiddos. I'm so used to being able to pick up the phone and call her when the boys do any adorable thing and know that she will enjoy the story as much as we do. I take it for granted that she will always be there, but it's times like these that remind me to cherish her. She's wonderful and we love her and I miss not talking to her. So get better soon mama...I miss you terribly and love you so much.
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Too Cute!

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Aunt Katie!

Aunt Katie made her yearly visit to the Mad House and it is always awesome to have her. She's the only person that Joseph and I have both tried to convince to live with us..she's so much fun and there is aways laughter when she is around. She's awesome with the kids and they adore her. She's the aunt that spends hours outside in the heat, never tires of pushing kids on swings, is great at distracting them when they are fussing about nothing and always comes up with fun games. I had taken more pictures of her, but as I was downloading I deleted them from the camera...UGH!
We love you Aunt Katie and can't wait for the next visit!

Here is a banner that was made to welcome home the girls and I. Katie taped it low so that the boys could run through it. Here they are on their marks.

And here is Lukie running through...

and dramatically falling down!

Aunt Katie and Luke Bear.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bathtime with Diva's

Here are the Diva's during one of their favorite times of the day...BATHTIME! They love it! And they like the water really warm. Warmer than I think that it should be! When bathtime is over and it's time to get out, that's usually the time that our Diva's excercise their vocal chords...

This is Ella. I know that because her hair has a mind of its own and sticks up in the front. When her hair is wet she has the best mohawk. I'll have to get a picture of that in the future!

And this is Sweet Silly Lily Kate! I wouldn't know that by looking at her and could only tell because this was the second to last picture that I took during bathtime and I know I took pictures of her, so I am assuming it's her. I hate that I can't always tell them apart! Some people say that it's easy because they looks so different. I don't think so, what do you think?
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Monday, July 23, 2007

"Who's Coming Next?"

Those were the words out of Caleb's mouth after we dropped off "Aunt Katie" off at the airport. For the past 10 weeks our door has been revolving with friends and family coming and going. It does seem kinda weird that life will be going back to "normal". And what is normal for us? I was sick for so long, then pregnant, then a zombie from nights with the girls and being a single parent. Before that we had just moved here so I was discovering my way around, trying to get involved in church and learning how to be mom to the boys while Joseph was working long hours at the hospital. Yeah, I think we are going to be creating a new "normal". That is exciting!

Joseph is back home with us and that is also quite exciting. The boys were so happy to see him and as soon as we got home wanted to wrestle. Nobody wrestles like Daddy! They clung to him, hugged on him and you could see all over his face how happy he was to be home. It warmed my heart to see him with his boys and girls. Words can't describe how awesome it is to have him home. It has been so nice for me too. I have help with the girls one middle of the night feeding and after doing the nights by myself for 5 weeks it has been nice to have company. After Joseph's first night home I asked him how he slept and he relied, "Like a baby." He gets the girls for me and brings them to me to eat and then puts them back down after they eat. It's not that he does much, but that little bit and knowing that he's there is magic! I've slept better the last 2 nights than I have since October. I'm beginning to feel like a new person!

We took the boys on a breakfast double date (minus the girls who were at home napping with Angela) and at the end of the meal Joseph took Luke to change him because he was "poopy". I think that sealed the deal and was the deciding factor for potty training Luke. As soon as we got home Joseph got started. And has been SURPRISINGLY successful!!! Luke has been peeing in the potty all morning!! With no pee on the floor. The only wetness is due to Luke not pulling his pants down far enough before he starts peeing!! We are all shocked!!! Joseph is the one that potty trained Caleb and has the magic touch! I am honestly amazed! Joseph is a ROCKSTAR!!

On another note, I want to thank all of you who have come to help and those of you that have been sending prayers to Father on our behalf! We have the most amazing family and friends and this last year has reminded us how blessed we are. You all have been a living testimony to our neighbors who have seen the people in our lives come to our need. From meals being delivered for months to friends and family flying in from all over the country to help us, many people have commented on how blessed we have been and we couldn't agree more. God has most certainly provided, once again, beyond what we could have ever imagined!

Update on our drama:
  • My bleeding nipples are all better!!! I know you were all dying to know!!
  • Our thrush is getting better!
  • While I have been blogging Luke pooped in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The girls are sleeping AWESOME at night!
  • We LOVE having our Daddy home!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Daddy and my Lovey is coming home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SUPER excited!! I was thinking about it though and I find it quite humorous *not really* that he is coming home after the really rough nights with the girls are over! This past week has been wonderful with the girls sleeping 6-8 hours, eating and going right back to sleep. Up until then it was awful! Lots of waking up and drama. And I did it all by myself for 5 weeks! I can't believe I did it!! I really am proud of myself. And so glad that I don't have to do it again for a while.
I can't wait to see Joseph's face when he sees his kiddo's. Especially the baby girlfriends. Since he left they have grown so much, are smiling, tracking us with their eyes, in a sleeping routine, and sleeping through the night. Luke's vocabulary has exploded and he is talking very clearly and in sentences. And Caleb has really matured, throws less fits and is so helpful with Luke.
So much happens around here in 5 weeks!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I don't think they let you wear diapers in college

This child is SO cute...

and so not interested in going potty!

Well, we tried and at last he has no interest. Not only that I honestly think that he's not ready. I was re-reading our "Potty Training 1,2,3" book (I wish it were that simple!) and he has 2 of the 8 primary signs of readiness. Not so good. My step-mom tried using her method and I think that we will have to wait for Daddy to come home and try using the method that he used with Caleb. He used that book with Caleb and he was potty trained within a week. Caleb is a people pleaser though, Luke on the other hand...not so much!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You can't have a girlfriend until you can reach the toaster...

The day has come...
Up until a couple of days ago Caleb said that he was going to marry me and live with me forever! And now he informed me that he has a girlfriend :( What is that about? You are five (barely) and you still need help getting the glasses out of the cupboard! How are you old enough to have a girlfriend? You're not! So all of that is what I wanted to scream, but instead I didn't even acknowledge what he said in hopes that he will forget. This is not the first time that I have heard this craziness. Angela told me the other day that she overheard a conversation between his beloved (the girl across the street) and Caleb. It went something like this:

Jezebel: "Caleb do you remember what you told me yesterday."
Caleb: Doesn't really respond
Jezebel: "Remember how you told me that you wanted to marry me?"
Caleb: Kinda oblivious
Jezebel: "Because you and me want to take care of babies when we grow up and we have more in common than Bubbas (boy down the street) and I do."
Caleb: Is on to another subject.

Caleb is 5 (did I mention barely?) and is still pretty oblivious. Jezebel is 7 and going into the first grade. It all begins... I have a feeling that this might not be the first time a girl is after one of my boys!

On other notes:
  • The girls did another 7 hour night last night! Exciting!!
  • The girls have thrush and so do I!
  • I have cracked and bleeding nipples (more info than I'm sure you want to hear!)
  • MY LOVE COMES HOME IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't get excited...I'm sure it was a fluke!

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The girls slept through the night last night!!!! I fed them at 10 pm, put them down and didn't hear from them until 5:55 am!!!!! I had that feeling (you moms know which one I'm talking about) and woke in a panic at 5:45 then went in to check on them to make sure that they were still breathing. It was wonderful. No waking up with pacifier drama or anything! After I fed them, changed them and kissed all over their adorable little faces, I put them down and looked at the clock and it was only 7am. I grabbed my bible, Streams in the Desert, and this book I love to read that inspires me (Mother's of Influence) and had the best quiet time I have had since October! I think that was the BEST part - even better than all the sleep (don't get me wrong the sleep was wonderful and I loved it!)

I SO wanted to call my Lovey, but he isn't anywhere near a phone and is in the middle of no where. I think God's timing is funny. If Joseph would have been around, I would have called him and then spent forever talking to him about it. Since he wasn't around I had to talk to God. Isn't that sad. God should always be the first one that I talk to, but I find more and more I rely on Joseph for every need. Something to definitely repent about. And change. God gave me an amazing husband not to replace His place in my life, but to bless my life. And Joseph is a blessing.

The verse this morning in my quiet time was: "I will remain quiet and will look on from my dwelling place. ~Isaiah 18:4 I was talking to God this morning telling him that I've felt so much silence from him in the past 10 months. I got so sick, felt miserable, had newborn twins and in it all when there is trouble I go running...running to Joseph. I will sit and wait on God for a minute, not hear what I want to hear and then run to my love. So as sad as it was to not have my love around for my monumental moment, it was nice to have God to spend some time with. Nice enough I think I want to make this a habit!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Mad Helpers

Since Joseph has been gone we have been blessed with help! My sisters have each come to spend time helping me care for the kids and if this isn't birth control I don't know what is! Hopefully they weren't too scarred and someday I will be able to return the favor and help them take care of their new babies!

When Aunt Amy came she arrived armed with goodies that Grandma sent for the boys. Lots of crafts - perfect for Caleb! Here he's sewing a pillow for his most treasured "pups". Amy was wonderful with Caleb and so patient while working on crafts together.

Aunt Amy is the second best burper ever to come to the Mad house! Second only to Daddy!

Grandpa dropped by for a visit and is as silly as ever...

Aunt Carami holding...someone! Notice that her cell is close by - that girl was alwsy texting someone and she is FAST with those texting fingers!
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some 4th of July action...

Here are some pictures of the 4th of July. I know that it's a little late to post them, but we're still in July and I've been a little busy...
Angela and her husband Dan brought some fireworks for the boys to do this year. They really liked the sparklers.

You seriously have to love this outfit!

check out the serious face on this child...so his Daddy!
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy 2 month birthday and other stuff...

Well the girls turn 2 months old today!! Seriously, the time has flown by so fast! They are getting so big and starting to smile, are becoming more responsive to our voices (in particular their mommy’s voice-LOVE IT!) love the outdoors (they are for sure our kids!) and are starting to coo when you talk to them. They had their 2 month check-up last week and weighed in at a petite 7.14 (Lily Kate) and 8 pounds (Ella). They are only in the 5th percentile on the growth chart for their weight. My kids are all light weights! We got the thumbs up on all their milestones – they are growing great! Thanks be to God! I also got good news from the pediatrician. She said that I was nursing twice as long as needed and that the girls were probably using me as a human pacifier(should have known that…after all this isn’t my first time at the rodeo!). She said that I could cut my nursing times down from 40-50 min to 15-20 min. That was the best news I have heard in a while!!! I cut their feedings down to 25 min. and got 4 hours of my day back!!!! It’s amazing. The best part is that I am no longer dreading nursing like I had been. The girls are also doing well for nap times and bedtime. They moved to their nursery for nap times (they had been in their pack and play in the living room) and are napping for 1 ½ - 2 hours after their feedings. We are getting into a routine at the Mad Household and for this Type A mama that is heaven!! They are still only doing 5-6 hour stretches at night, but that really only means that I have 1 feeding a night…not too bad! They are going to have to move to their cribs when Daddy comes home because they are getting too big for the cradle. Another reminder to enjoy this time because it goes by so fast! My twins are so cute and I am totally in love with them.

The boys are doing well also. They like to fight over which twin is “their baby”. One would think that since there are 2 of them they could each agree on one, but that would be easy and not drive their mama nuts so why would they want to do that? It’s funny though, neither one of them ever want to claim the baby that is crying so they will say that she is “Mama’s baby”. Caleb is really turning into a very helpful big brother. I really love age 5 so far. It seems like there really are less fights and battles than there have been in the last couple of years. Caleb is really maturing. Luke on the other hand is just starting more drama. It’s funny – I think I finally figured out why he isn’t interested in potty training. He thinks his “pee-pee” is BROKEN! Poor guy. I finally put the pieces of the puzzle together the other day after I heard Caleb telling him to stand next to the toilet and just “do this”. Then I heard Luke say, “I can’t. It’s broken.” That isn’t the first time I have heard him say that and it explains why he always says “he can’t” when I tell him that he needs to go in the potty like a big boy. My step-mom is coming on Monday with the goal of potty training Luke. More power to her. If anyone can do it, it’s grandma!

On a VERY exciting note…Daddy comes home next weekend!!!!! We are all counting down the days. It has been hard without him in so many ways. I have always been so spoiled by him. Up until this past spring Joseph had always given my boys a bath. I could count on one hand how many baths I had given Luke and on two hands for Caleb. Now I give all 4 kids a bath by myself!!! Joseph had always done the middle of the nights with the boys and now I do 2 babies by myself. I now take out the trash and pick up dog poop – this past couple of months is the first time I have done that in almost 6 years of marriage! I am growing up! It’s been hard and there have been many times where at the end of the day I have prayed for God’s grace to fill in the gaps of all the places I have failed. There have also been days where I have thought, that considering everything, I am doing a decent job and should be proud of myself. But every day I miss Joseph and know that we aren’t complete without him. We celebrate our 6th anniversary on Sunday and have accomplished a lot in the past 6 years. 3 major cross country moves, a career change, 3 years of medical school, and of course let’s not forget the 4 kids! We’ve been busy. And God has blessed us considerably!

Our sweet girls are getting too big to share their papasan chair anymore! It was quite funny to watch them trying to share it. I caught Ella sucking on her sisters ear.
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If you tell Luke to keep an eye on the girls he takes you literally...

note that his "knockolers" are backwards!

swimming in their jammies

this is Lily Kate and I know that because she looks just like her Daddy!
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