Monday, June 28, 2010

I never dreamed I would be a zoo keeper

While Joseph and I were dating, I talked about getting a dog.  All.the.time.  He promised that after we got married, we would get one.  Now that I think about it, we never really talked about having kids...but, mercy, did we talk about getting a dog.

So we get married, move to Minot and start the hunt for a dog.  A couple of months after our move and once we were settled in, we got Titan Dog Mad.  And that same week found out we were pregnant with Caleb.  How's that for timing?!

I don't know if it is because Caleb has grown up with Titan or if it is just in his temperament, but he loves animals.  Loves them.  No, seriously, LOVES them.  He studies them, reads about them and watches shows about them.  Hence the reason we have had a dog, turtle, lizard, fish, gerbil and most recently acquired a kitten.  If I would allow it, we would also have a ferret, monkey, bird, tiger, mouse, killer whale, chinchilla, rabbit, rat and iguana.  Did I mention he loves animals?

So you can imagine the drama that came while we were on our way home from our beach trip this weekend and we got a call from our house sitter telling us that Titan Dog Mad knocked over Rascal Gerbil Mad's cage and killed him.  Poor child was devastated.

For approximately 5 minutes until I suggested that he get a new one at the pet store.  Rascal Gerbil Mad suddenly became a thing of the past and he started begging for both a ferret and chinchilla.

We agreed on a hamster. 

Today, he and Daddy went and got Hammy the Hamster Mad.  This dude is huge.  Apparently he is still a baby and was the smallest one there.  Frightening.

He's cute and we all love him.  Especially Titan Dog Mad and Pretty Kitty Mad.

Welcome to my jungle:
My little animals.
This one makes me laugh!  Anyone for a game of chase:
I think they like each other:
Say cheese and smile:


Jessi said...

You are one brave momma! You clearly love your babies to allow the kind (and number) of pets into your "Mad" home. And Titan Dog...he's been such a good sport...even though he caused the last casualty.

Michele said...

That kitten reminds me of our former cat sweet/mean Jingles. I remember you telling that you were afraid of her the first time you came to my house. My, how times have changed, huh?

Michele said...

And, I remember our family dog, Penny, walking down the hall of my childhood house with Samantha the hamster in her mouth. she was so proud - protecting her family from a rodent. My sister and I shrieked and ran for our dad. Traumatizing! However, my mom said NO to replacing her, so you get the Sweet Mama award.