Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My friend, Dana, sent this to me and it made me laugh! No, mom, it isn't real!!!


matt n karisa said...

HILARIOUS! Loved it. :) Happy Mother's Day!

~ K

Toby and Rebecca said...

So funny! Bummer news about the pony tail study though...

If only we could all be mommas as good as sabmad!
Happy Mother's Day Sabrina!

Type1Hope said...

that was pretty funny. fooled heather lol! well here is the link to my blog!

Dana said...

Love the tattoo part in the video!
"Our" Ella is doing good. She is quite the girly girl, carrying around her baby doll everywhere. She is probably a better mommy than me! LOL
Glad to see yall are doing good.