Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm getting caught up on some pictures from our recent adventures and here are some pictures from SeaWorld. I took the kids by myself a couple of weeks ago and we all had fun. Last year the girlies didn't have much interest, but this year was a different story. They really enjoyed all the animals, especially the penguins.

Diva's taking a break and enjoying a snack.
Obsessed with flowers!

Can I please get a picture with all four of my Darlings smiling?!
And nope.
This is Ella enjoying the sand. In about 1 minute she will start saying, "Yucky, yucky!" while crying because she can't get the sand off her hands.
Yep, there it is!
Brothers. Yum!! Aren't they cute?!
Lily Kate, crackin' me up! She just stood there, frozen, crying about the sand. Apparently she didn't like the feel of it under her feet!
Diva's riding in style.
My Darlings, gosh I love them! They make me crazy, but I think they're keepers.
Nascar fans.
Lily Kate, yucky face and all...
...and Ella, crooked glasses and yucky face. I love those shishers!

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MaryBeth said...

Adorable pictures! I especially love the crooked glasses and all your group shots.... at least they were looking in the same direction. I usually can't get all four of mine to sit in one spot long enough, let alone all smiling!