Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mama Bear's Growing Pains

My kids are in school! Yes, you heard me...BOTH of my children are in school and I'm not sure what to do with myself so I cleaned. And now I'm done. So now what? I think next week I'm going to have to plan out my time!

Caleb had his first day on Tuesday and LOVED it!! When I dropped him off I thought that we would have a moment where I would tell him that he's a big boy now and convince him that school is so great, but alas NO! He walked right into his classroom and didn't even look back! Not even a glance. He was so enthralled with his classroom & his "beautiful" teacher he didn't even notice me. And I hung around at the door like a pathetic forgotten puppy for a while until I realized that he wasn't going to look back for me, *sigh*.

Then Luke went today and I was SURE that he would cry and had been preparing myself for him only staying part of the time because he was going to be so sad without me. Afterall, this is the first time that he will have been away from me for longer than 2 hours in the care of someone other than family. But no, he JUMPED out of my arms trying to get in his classroom. And he didn't even look back. Even as I stood there crying!

So as I sat in this chair outside their school, devestated that neither one of my kids is attached to me, the preschool director came out to console me (I know, isn't it weird that the mom is being consoled not the kids!) and tried to reassure me that I was a great mom and had done such a great job teaching my kids to trust me and be secure wherever I left them. I don't know if I'm buying that!...

Maybe next week during my free time (that sounds so weird!) I will have to post some of the pictures that I've been meaning to put up of Aunt Katie's visit, Luke's birthday & Nana's long weekend with us!

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