Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Caleb's Favorite Poem

I've been introducing new literature to Caleb and he really likes poems. He has a favorite one that cracks him up. He loved it so much he had me read it several times and then asked his Daddy to read it to him too. I laugh really hard but not because of the poem, but because Caleb's belly laugh is contagious!

Here is the poem:

My Tooth Ith Loothe

My tooth ith loothe! My tooth ith loothe!
I can't go to thcool, that'th my excuth.
I wath fine lath night when I went to bed,
But today it'th hanging by a thread!

My tooth ith loothe! My tooth ith loothe!
I'm telling you the honeth truth.
It maketh me want to jump and thout!
My toothe ith loothe...Oopth! Now it'th out!
-George Ulrich

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