Friday, August 18, 2006

Psalm 77:1-20

What are we to do when even our trust in God seems shaky? When answers are not immediate and God seems far away? When we do not know how to tap His help and are left to wait passively for Him to answer, wishing for some spectacular flurry of divine activity to deliver us? What are we to do when that rescue doesn’t come and unfulfilled expectations for help from Him turn our hearts toward doubt? When we begin to slip back to the “Whys?” – “Why me? Why not them? Why now?” – and tend to doubt his goodness and may even then doubt that He actually does love and care for us…
Before that happens, we must turn to the entity over which we exercise exclusive control, our wills, to the choices we have to think correctly and respond constructively…If we choose not to cultivate our hope in Him, where will we place our hope? Is there anything greater, more powerful, more reliable, more true than God? (From The Upside of Down by Joseph Stowell)

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