Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Beth Moore ain't got nothin' on Ella!!

After having two boys, to say that I was excited about having twin little girlie's is an understatement. I have lots of friends who had a boy and then a couple of years later had a girl, but they don't seem to have the same obsession with all things girlie as those of us who had boys for a while do.

And as a mother-of-boys-first there are things that I never thought about when it came to being mama of girls. I had to learn a different language. Hair bows, tights, bloomers, dresses, shoes and of course the "3 P's" - pink, pretty and princess!

While I love my Diva's, there are things about having girls that no one told me would be hard. Like tights & bloomers with potty training. The boys just pulled down their pants and went to the bathroom. The girls have to mess with pulling down bloomers & tights, all the while making sure that their dresses don't fall into the toilet or that they don't accidentally go potty on them. It's drama. I feel bad for them, just not bad enough to only have them wear potty-practical clothing. They are learning early that there is a price for looking cute. Can I get an 'amen'?

But, as usual, I digress

One of the other things that no one told me about was HAIR. And how much of a pain it is with little girls. I've always imagined my little girls to have long, flowing hair - all one length, no bangs. Little did I know, while I was dreaming sweet dreams, how much stinkin' work little girl hair is! It has to be brushed before bed, there are terrible tangles in the morning, it gets sticky and falls into their food, and the worst of it is that they fuss while I'm fixin' it. Mercy, so dramatic.

So, now I see why some moms prefer cute little bobs with cute little bangs. MUCH easier.

But, we all know - I rarely do things the easy way.

If you ever thought that you had bad bed head, please allow me to introduce Miss Ella Grace to you. I have no idea what this sweet baby girl does in her bed at night, but she must have smuggled a pick and some Aqua Net to do it.

Really, mother, is this necessary first thing in the morning?

Might as well ham it up while I have their attention!

What can I say? This is my little Texas girl - Big hair, big attitude!


Kellie said...

Oh my goodness, that picture made me LOL, truly!
Notice: Rayna never had to deal with bloomers and tights while potty training. :)
I'm getting a little more girly w/ Tessa, so we'll see.

Miriam said...

Oh my - that is some bedhead!!!

Sincerely Anna said...

Sooo funny! The twins, are they opposite in their sleeping styles?