Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They say you become like the people you hang out with...let's hope so!

It has been 2 and a half weeks since I last blogged. Time really does fly by when you are having fun! I think about blogging, but then life and livin' happen and blogging time falls to the wayside.

So before I begin the blogging catch-up marathon, I want to share the following picture of my fav girlies at the gym.

Aren't they gorgeous.

So we went out to eat the night before I left for Disney. They stayed at the restaurant and partied, while I had to go home to pack -BOOO. Anyway, toward the beginning of the night I was up at the bar and this guy came up to me and said, "Your friends are hot and so are you."

I laughed. Hard. We're moms. Between us we have like 30 kids. Please.

But he's right. These ladies are hot. And they kick booty too. Some have 2 kids, some have 5. A couple have run full marathons and a few teach some sort of fitness class. All are in their 30's and a couple are very close to the 40 threshold. And all of them push me and are encouraging and inspiring.

And all are hot mama's!



Elizabeth said...

I love it! What in the world did you say to him after you stopped laughing? That's never happened to me, but in case it ever does I need to be prepared:)

I want to hear about your vacation!

Jessi said...

There you are...out having fun with the wonderful! And you girlies ARE gorgeous! Yeah, so what DID you say to him after you stopped laughing?

How wonderful, too, that you are surrounded by strong, inspiring, encouraging and supportive are blessed!

Kellie said...

That is awesome!! Wish I could have been there - except then maybe you wouldn't have gotten that comment! But I have been spinning 3 times a week, there are some tough classes here. I am so proud of myself... please be proud of me too! And you are one HOT MAMA!
And I, too, want to hear all about Disney!