Tuesday, March 02, 2010

And now you can definintely tell them apart!

I did it.
I gave my girl her first haircut. And then cried.
Not because I did a terrible job (although I'm confident that no one will be calling me to do their hair anytime soon!). I cried because this is the first time that we've purposely done something to one twin and not the other. Now you can definitely tell them apart.

But, it had to be done. And for a while it stopped her from twirling any "rat's nests". Such a sweet, short lived time. She has managed to make a few very small ones at the back of her hair where it is the longest.
One can hope that that will be all that she does. Because I'd hate to have to go shorter!
Here are some pictures of my sweet girl with her short do:

She's still cute isn't she?! And then here she is with her "shisher".



Jessi said...

SO sweet! I LOVE Ella's shorter 'do'...it's looks darker than LK's now...and I think it makes her look older (although I'm sure that's the last thing you were going for).

matt n karisa said...

I think the short hair is DARN cute!

Lorinda said...

looks adorable trimmed up... and gives them each something different from each other.

I like it

allboys4us said...

I know that must have been sooooo hard. I almost cried when I cut my Evan's longer boy hair a couple months ago...I loved it but cut it because my hubby did not! Miss Ella absoutely does still look just as adorable as as her 'shisher'. Love the pics, as always! :)