Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm tying not to get a persecution complex, but I really believe the DMV is against me!

Today was my third time at the DMV.
And, unfortunately, it isn't my last.
Because I failed my driver's test.
Just lovely.

I'm not a fan of the DMV. But in reality, who is? And that is why I put off going for so long. Until the day of my birthday when Love was looking at my driver's license and noted that it expired on that day. Well you may find this shocking, but I didn't find spending time at the DMV the thing I wanted to do on my birthday. Call me crazy.

I decided to go on Love's next day off. And that so happened to be almost 1 month later. So disturbing on so many levels.

Last week, I looked up online what I needed to get a license and headed to the DMV. I wait in this ridiculous line only to be told that not only do I have to take the written & driving tests, I need more proof of who I am. Apparently my old license, my military issue ID, title to our vehicle and proof of insurance were not enough.

So I make a return appearance on a couple of days ago. This time armed with all of the above and my social security card. I arrived 30 minutes before the DMV opened and waited in the cold rain for them to open the doors and tell me that they also want my birth certificate. I call Love and ask him to bring it to me. He does, I wait in line again and they tell me that they also need my marriage license. UGH! Although I don't have all the documents that I need, they told me that I could take my written and driving tests.

Seriously, if the gentlemen on either side of me are any indication of who is driving on our roads - we should be VERY afraid. The guy to my right got a 3% on the test. Yes, you read correctly. 3%. The guy on my left had been there 3 times before he finally passed. Frightening. Very frightening.

So I take my written. Pass without studying. Because that's how I roll.

Then I roll on out of there with all that confidence and wait in line for my driver's test. And wait. And wait. And wait.

Then leave. I have to come back anyway with my marriage certificate, so I left in an attempt to make it to my trekking class in time. I have priorities. Just not good ones...

I go back this morning (because I can only go on the days that Love will be around to watch the Diva's. Could you just imagine the Drama that the Diva's would bring to the DMV? Frightening...) once again early and wait in line. The line was already long and I got there 15 minutes early. I think some of these people sleep there.

Anyway I get there, wait in lines, finally get called to take the driver's test. I get in the car, pull around to the back of the DMV - rolling with all that confidence - and apparently pull into the wrong lane because the test-giver-lady yelled at me.

Confidence gone. I knew from that point, this was not going to go well.

And I was right. She failed me. Something about not looking around enough and, ah-hum, not-slowing-down-in-a-school-zone. Other than that, I thing I would have passed.

So, now I get the pleasure of going back - again next week. Lovely. I can hardly wait.

Oh, by the way, I swear that half the people in that DMV didn't speak english. I still can't figure out how they are getting license's and passing tests and I can't? Things that make you go hmmmm.



The Berg's said...

I am glad to see you are well. I missed your busy updates. Glad to see you were productive. I feel like most of the time I have nothing to show for my business!
Love, WB

Elizabeth said...

If it makes you feel better, I didn't pass my written test the first time. Of course, I was 14 and hadn't even glanced at the book, but you know. I know next week is going to be your week!