Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Caleb!

(backposting since we were in crazy land when i should have written this.  better late than never, right!)


Happy Birthday! I’m writing this to you a couple of months after your actual birthday because life was so crazy on your special day. You had been moving with Daddy, Titan Dog and Kitty Girl, while I was moving with the other kids. On your birthday we had just all arrived in the new house! We took you to Red Robin, but you were sad not to have a big party. That was the first time in your life you didn’t have a big party and I was surprised how upset you were. So now we know, next time we move we will have the big birthday bash before we go!

Oh, Caleb, you are something else. You are in such a hurry to grow up my little man. But that is your personality. You love clothes & shoes, have a very particular sense of style and are very particular about what you like. It drives me crazy. You also like skateboarding, lacrosse, and your crazy cat. Your Grandma LeAnn was here right after your birthday and bought you some Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and you love them.

In some ways you have become more calm and quiet since the move. You are slower to make friends than I thought you would be, but are quite content hanging out with Luke. You two are definitely brothers. Lots of love/hate happening all day long. That brother of yours adores you and you are sweet with him. Just the other day you gave up some of your allowance to Luke because he was short to buy the skateboard that he wanted. It was all your idea and Daddy and I were proud of you.

Caleb, we love you. Whenever I tell you that, you always get tears in your eyes. We love you so much. I pray that you always find your self-worth and identity by looking at the cross. People come and go, trends come and go, but God stays the same. He is always there for you. Others will fail you, we will fail you, but God won’t. I promise. I pray that you learn to turn your back to sin and change your heart quickly. Don’t stew in anger, frustration and resentment because it becomes easy to stay there. Be slow to anger and quick to love. God has some big plans for you. Satan tries to sift you often, but don’t let him have a hold. Put on that armor, Buddy, put on that armor.

Happy 9th birthday my boy!
I promise to try to make your 10th one better!

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