Saturday, April 28, 2012

The cool part about Journey 117 is the training they provide before taking you on trips. One part of the training is a bible study that I work each week and then on our conference calls we go over our answers.
Last weeks study was on the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000.

For some reason, this time when I read the story, I was really sympathetic to the plight of the disciples.

Disciples say to Jesus, “This crowd is getting big. We think this would be a great time to take a break, little siesta, everyone is getting hungry - they can eat and then we can meet up later. Hungry people aren’t happy people, so let’s quit while we’re ahead.”

Jesus says, “Yeah, y’all are right, I’m bet they are getting hungry. So what are we going to feed all these people?”

Andrews thinks, WHAT?! What are we going to eat? We barely know where our meals are coming from. How are we supposed to feed all these people?! Andrew says, “Um, Jesus, not trying to burst your philanthropic bubble, but we couldn’t make enough cash in the next 6 months to feed each person 1 bite of bread. Yeah, I don’t think lunch for 5,000 is an option today.”

Go. Go round up what food you can find.” Jesus commands.

You heard the man. Let’s go see what we can find.

They bring Jesus what they have.  Jesus does the miracle.

(The above interpretation is from the SabMad International Version.  Not out in shelves.  For good reason.)

Feeding 5,000 peeps is a lot of peeps.
Pa-shaw, feeding my family of 6 overwhelms me some most days.

What I could really relate with was the feelings the disciples may have had of anxiety, inadequacy and being overwhelmed with a problem that on the surface doesn’t seem to have an easy answer.

That is how I feel when I think of the Orphan crisis....Overwhelmed, inadequate and anxious.
That is how I feel when I think of going to Africa....Overwhelmed, inadequate and anxious.
And honestly, that is how I feel when I think about ministry or serving....Overwhelmed, inadequate and anxious.

On my heart this week, God really impressed that at this point all He is asking me to do is GO.

Go do your homework.
Go get your shots.
Go ask your friends to help you collect.
Go to Africa.
Go, He says, and show people what My hands and feet look like.
Go, He says, and watch me work.

I have no idea what will happen when I go.
The disciples had no idea what would happen when they went.
They couldn’t have imagined.
I don’t think I can either.


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