Friday, April 27, 2012

Gosh, mercy. This has been a week.

Little recap:

Monday: recovered from my busy weekend.  I went down to Colorado Springs and got my Olympic Weight Lifting certification through the USA Olympic Training Center.  SO fun, but so exhausting.  I also wasn’t feeling the best because Dr. Germ brought home the nasty cold he had the previous week.  If only he could wear a bio hazard suit to work…
Tuesday:  JMad “reminds me” (I’m pretty sure this was the first I’d heard of it!) that he is leaving the next day for San Francisco.  Poor man was oncall and up all night then had to catch an 8am flight to CA.  This was also the day of my very last MOPS meeting!!  I’ve been in MOPS for 10 years and graduated this year.  My babies are growing up.  Perhaps it’s time to get another one???

Wednesday:  JMad leaves and all hell breaks loose.  The kids came home from school and, long story short, Luke busted his head open, blood everywhere and then ended up throwing up with a concussion.  On our way to our AWANA awards banquet.  Paged JMad 911 and he was so surprised I used it for an actual emergency and not because I can’t find the remote.  Not that I would ever page him for something so ridiculous, ahem, ahem.  Tough night, but we made it through and Luke the Goo Maddry is as good as new!  So thankful!
Thursday:  Stayed at home since Luke was on orders to rest with very little activity.  It was amazing how productive I am when I stay at home.  Novel concept for a stay at home mama.  Note to self:  you only get things done around the house if you stay at home.  Duly noted.

Frieday:  JMad come home at some point in the middle of the night.  At some other point in the middle of the night I realized I needed to be in 3 places at once on Friday morning.  I’m good, but I’m not that good.  Ordered requested begged JMad to stay home and help me.  Got my doctors okay to get my travel shots – military drama – but since I needed 6 shots and the DoD only lets you get 5 shots, I’ll have to go back next week for more shots and to get some blood drawn.  Good news is the malaria medication that is recommended, but expensive, is being provided by the USAF!  For free!! 

Yeah, it was a busy week.  I also got my itinerary for my Uganda trip.  For some reason I thought I was only going to be gone 12 days.  My itinerary has me gone for 14 days.  I’m getting anxious.  14 days without my people…

Lord, do I trust you to keep them safe?
Lord, do I trust you to keep me safe?

Lord, do I trust you…

Seems like a funny question to ask considering all He has done for me just this week
Seems like an even crazier question to ask considering all He has done for me in my life!

I feel like I've come so far, but I have even farther to go.
Thankful that He's willing to meet and love me, right where I am!

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Karen said...

Wow, what a week. You are one busy mama!