Sunday, June 03, 2012

This is really happening!

I have to be up in 7 hours to head to the airport for my trip. 

This is really happening.
I'm really going to Africa.
I'm really leaving my 4 gorgeous kids for 2 weeks.


I'm super excited.  God was in all the details and all the things I was worried about were worked out.  My clothes all fit in the bag they provided, all the items we collected were able to be packed and we are only going to have to pay for one extra tote.

My CrossFit gym really stepped up and collected so much for this trip.  Dentist donated cases of kids toothpaste and toothbrushes, members donated sports equipment, soap, school supplies, crafts and over $1000.  Mama's going shopping when I get to Uganda to buy for specific needs that arise.  So thankful.

So very thankful.
So very excited.
So very scared.

I'm stepping out like I've never stepped out before.  I don't know anyone on this trip, I've never traveled out of the country on my own before and I've never been exposed to this kind of poverty.  Over the past couple of weeks, I've asked myself (several times a day) what in the world am I doing?  And why?

One answer comes every time:  because God asked me to.
And I'm trusting, with everything I have in me, that God is going to show up in a mighty way.  Teach me something about who He is, who I am and who He wants me to be.

While saying goodnight to the girls and singing out night time song, I started to cry.  Luckily it was dark and they didn't notice.

I'm trying not to freak them out by crying.
No crying.
Just got my eyelashes done and can't get them wet for 48 hours.

See, I've got a lot to learn...

If you think about us over the next couple of weeks, we could use a prayer...or two...or ten!


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Michele said...

Praying today. When your heart breaks on this trip, and I've no doubt that it will, may God be there with the balm you need to respond to that heartache. You are so free to show love, I know the people you come in contact with will be awash in that affection.