Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School

Little Sisters,

As I write this, all is quiet in our house.   Quiet is something that I will be experiencing more after tomorrow because tomorrow you start school!!!  I have such mixed feelings about tomorrow.  I’m excited for you guys because you are so excited.  I’m excited for me because this is a big milestone that I’ve been waiting for a long time. 
I’m sad, though, because I can’t imagine my day without the “three girls” as you call us.  But, I’m not going to be too sad because you will be home with me Thursday morning since you only go 3 full days a week.  The other 2 are half days where the ‘three girls’ will be back together.  Just how we like it!

Lily Kate – I’m so excited for you silly girl.  I have no doubt that you will march right in and take control of that class – that’s your personality!  I know you will, but remember to look after Ella.  She’s a little more unsure at first.  You are a great big sister and I know you’ll take care of your best friend.  You are so excited about going to big brothers school and walking there with them.  Sister, I love you so much and am so proud of the little lady that you are becoming.  You are always so helpful and you are a hard worker, who takes such pride in your work.  Be sweet for your teacher, learn lots and above all let all the people at school see that bright Jesus light that burns bright inside you.  I love you Little Kate!

Ella – It’s your first day of school!  I know you are a little nervous, but you are going to have so much fun learning.  And you really love to learn!  Lily will be there with you, so you won’t be alone.  Please try to remember not to suck your fingers and make rats nests.  You’re a big girl now!  My big girl!  I will miss you something ridiculous, but know that you are going to love being in school.  Sister, I love you so much.  I love your big personality, your super imagination and the way you make everyone laugh.  Please try to obey your teachers and listen to directions.  If you get sad, don’t forget that your sister is there with you.  And so is God, Ella.  He loves you so much!  Shine bright for Jesus sweet girl!!

Caleb –

4th grade starts today – big time!  Weren’t we just dropping you off at kindergarten…?  Oh, mercy did I have a hard time letting you go.  I still have a hard time letting you go.  Buddy, I know it was a tough summer for us.  I know you are having a tough time figuring out who you are and where you belong.  I know you don’t feel loved enough by us.  But, Caleb, we adore you.  We are thankful you are our son.  And we love you SOOOO much!  I hope you have a great year this year, baby.  I hope you chose your friends wisely and that when you lead others, you lead them in the right direction.  I hope you learn a lot, grow to love to learn and that God reveals to you early on what you are passionate about.  Above all, Caleb, I hope you grow in your relationship with Jesus.  He loves you enough to die on the cross for you.  By name.  I know that’s hard to believe, but I also know that you do believe.  Deep down there.  Caleb, we love you with all that we are.  And God loves you even more.  We believe in you.  And God believes in pursuing you.  My prayer is that this is our best year yet, Buddy!!  I love you!!  Now go and be courageous!!

Luke – What’s up?!  Second grade!  Are you going to rock it like you did first?  I’m so thankful that last year you fell in love with reading and math and I hope you continue to do so this year.  Luke we are so proud of you and how well you do in school.  You are so smart and love to work hard in school.  We are so thankful for that.  What we love the most, though, is how much you love Jesus and share that with your friends.  You are such a bright light in a dark world, Luke!  Remember to obey your teachers, take pride in your work and work really hard on that self-control thing.  We are so proud of you Luke!  And we love you so much!! 

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