Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Donating cell phones

I just thought that I would pass along some info. I just recently found out. When we moved here we switched cell phone carries and got new phones. I was going to give our old ones to the boys when Joseph told me that he thought we could donate them to the local Shelter for Battered Women. I googled, “donating cell phones” and found that there are tons of charities and organizations that use old cell phones (March of Dimes, shelters & even a program for soldiers)! I never knew that and thought it was a brilliant idea!

Anyway many of you probably already knew this, but I thought it was worth passing on!

Happy Wednesday!!


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Carami said...

hey sabrina!! i would donate my cell phone but i dont have one anymore! >:( i would rather donate it to a good cause than have amy use it all the time and i dont even get to. well tell caleb and luke i said hi and i miss them sOo much!!!

<3 carami