Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter EGGstravaganza!

We had our second annual Easter Egg dinner/hunt at our house this year. I love the holidays, love having people over and love having parties! Love it! Here are some pictures of our great day and our great friends!!

The sisters having a grea time playing with their friends.
Heidi and her foster daughter Lillianna. She's also pregnant! Whew!
Last year the dads hid the eggs while the moms kept the kids busy. This year the moms hid the eggs while the dads played with the kids. It was fun and I think we did a great job!
My gal pals Jess (above) and R-to-the-becca (below).

The kids all waiting to be let out for the HUNT!

Jackpot!! Caleb found the eggs I hid for him!
This place was baby central! Those babies are so sweet, but I was so glad that none of them were mine!
Speaking of sweet babes, Little Miss Tessa was hiding a few eggs of her own. Do you see them?
Sisters! Kellie now has caught my bug - she is getting the feel of how fun it is to dress your girls alike!
Lily Kate, once again, eating her candy and not really hunting.
Sisters will you please stand together and smile for 1 easter picture?! Please? Nope.
Daddy look at my egg! Can you see it?

It was a fun day!! He is risen!!

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Jessi said...

SO fun! I'm with Lily Kate..forget about the eggs, where's the candy?

Your backyard is AWESOME...we wanna come play!