Sunday, April 05, 2009

To procreate or to not procreate, has been the question

All my friends here are having babies these days. Seriously, in my little group there are 10 of us. And of the 10, SIX (count them SIX) have had a baby since the beginning of the year. People, that was only 4 months ago!!

Yeah, when we get together we need a parking spot for all the carriers. Anyway I thought that seeing all these new babies would make me crave one of my own.

And guess what?


They are very cute and all, but all I think when I see them is, "Man, I'm so glad that we are past all that!" Little diapers, spit up, nursing, middle of the night feedings, baby wearing, yellow poop, burping...NO THANK YOU. Oh, mercy, I am so not there. Thank you, Jesus. Really. Thank you.

With that said, I'm also not ready for Big Joe to get the Big "V". That seems soooo final. I am glad, though, that I am (I say "I" only because big JKM has been at this point for quite some time) finally moving in a direction of feeling that our little family is complete.

2 boys (close in age), 2 girls (twins). Hmmm. Why mess with perfection?

Hehe, then Caleb comes up to me today and informs me that he thinks we should adopt a baby. He hasn't made up his mind on boy or girl, but definitely thinks it would be "cool" to adopt another baby.

I don't think the "cool" factor will be weighing in very heavily on our decision.


Elizabeth said...

I know lots of people who are pregnant (and none of them are me!). I'll tell one of them when she gives me permission, or she tells you first:)

Kari said...

I sooo know the feeling. we did the big "v" 4 months after number 2 was born. she is now 4 1/2, I am beginning to have twitters of baby wanting, but not real strong, I totally supported the decision to quit and know why we quit, but when I think about being done (even though I have given EVERYTHING baby away), I wonder if I have usurped God's desire to bless us. I have been challenged lately by the fact that in scripture, children are called a blessing to us and the crown of our husbands, and I wonder sometimes if I have "taken" away future blessings...something I wish we would have pondered a bit more deeply before we "quit".

Jessi said...

Wow, that's A LOT of babies!

I know exactly what you mean about being glad to be past "all that"...I am starting the potty training process with Josiah (buying less diapers--woot, woot) and we have only one more month of buying formula for Laney. BUT...then God decided it was time for me to do it all over again!

Never know...God's plans are MUCH BIGGER than our own. *wink*

Sincerely Anna said...

Me too! Max says he wants a baby brother now, too.

I, on the other hand, am quite content with parting ways with the baby gear!

Melonie said...

It's interesting to hear your thoughts - I'm praying that you both will have clarity about God's will for you. I am becoming more and more sure that I was indeed led by God when I finally submitted to my husband's desire to have a vasectomy. The Lord has taken away any shred of longing to be pregnant again. I also think about children being a blessing, and how scriptures speak of having many children as a blessing, but adoption is also a beautiful way to add to your family, while in turn showering blessings upon a child who wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to to be raised in a family who loves Jesus, and possibly who may never have heard the gospel otherwise! So IF you do have something permanent done, and IF you someday decide God is still leading you to expand your family, adoption would indeed be "cool". :) But four kiddos is a lot already!!