Monday, June 15, 2009

Boston recap

(Emily and I back in April. I have pictures of us from our trip, but have to find them...)
I think that this may be the longest blogging break that I have taken in a while. The truth of the matter is that I'm too busy living life to blog about it. Living each day in the Mad house is an adventure, that is for sure.

But now that I have a few minutes, I want to catch up a bit and tell you about my time in Massachusetts.

Boston was wonderful. On my way there I read 4 (yes, really) magazines and learned a whole lot of nothing, ate, people watched, spent a ridiculous amount of money in the airport and talked to NO ONE! For those of you that know me, you know that was a feat in itself.

Once I got to Boston, Emily and I ate at this brewery across the street from the "Garden" and then got on a train to Gloucester, Mass. On my trip we shopped, went to a cocktail party at this fancy house, slept in sleeping bags by the ocean, slept on a fancy estate, went to a crazy beach party, met people that I don't even remotely run into in my neck of the woods, ran in Boston, ran by the ocean, rode in trains/subways/buses and had so many adventures that I really could write a book about my 4 days away.

I was so far removed from my "normal" life, it was crazy. And it was so fun. But, in spite of all the cool, eclectic, interesting, artsy, rich people that I met - none filled me up like my little family does. I missed my kids like mad and missed my man something ridiculous!

So you can imagine my disappointment when not 1, but 2 planes that we were supposed to get on in Boston were broken!! Thus making us miss our connecting flight home in Atlanta.

I cried at the gate. The airline lady looked at me like I was nutty. Then gave me a free ticket. That didn't make me feel better, since all I wanted to do was see my little family

Trans Air (who by the way was fabulous! I have never flown with them before and was super impressed!) was able to get us on the last flight out of Atlanta and upgraded us to first class! 18 hours, 3 planes, a bus, a train and a borrowed truck later I arrived on my doorstep. Everyone was sleeping and Joseph was at work, but had left a surprise for me in our room.

He pulled a "While you were out" on our room and gave it a much needed makeover! Is that man a keeper or what?!? This was all his idea and I was shocked. Here is a sneak peak...

While it was fun to escape my "normal" life for a while, it really was good to come home and be with my little family. With that said, Em and I are already talking about what we are going to do with the free airline tickets we got!...


allboys4us said...

Your trip sounds awesome...but I know how you feel about getting back to the amazing blessings (little and big)in our every day lives! How sweet was your guy to make over your room while you were gone...that's love!

Emily said...

Love it....but really I love you and that amasing Mad family!! Love love, E

Sincerely Anna said...

He surprised you with that?!! How awesome! Your trip to Boston sounds like a BIG adventure...I'll be looking for the book!

Jessi said...

So glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself in Beantown...slept in sleeping bags by the ocean? HOW AWESOME!!!!

And Dr. Mad did an amazing job on the room re-do....he thought of it all by himself? IMPRESSIVE!!!

PS. So where *will* y'all go with the free tickets?