Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My life in numbers

Number of times I work out each week - 6
Number of pounds I want to lose - 13

Number of minutes it takes me to drive to the gym - 7
Number of minutes it takes me to drive to the boys school - 8
Number of minutes it takes me to get the kids in the car - 19

Number of times per day I hear, "But he..." - 27
Number of times I say, "We are accountable for our actions, not the actions of others..." - 27

Number of years I have had a child in diapers - 7
Number of years in my married life that I have not had a child in diapers - 1

Number of months my husband has been gone this year - 3
Number of months he will be gone next year - 3

Number of MOPS groups I have been in - 5
Number of MOPS groups in this city I have attended - 3

Number of times I cook a meal from scratch these days - 1 (estimating high)
Number of days we eat breakfast for dinner because I am too lazy to cook these days - 4

Number of times in a day I say, "Do you need to go potty?" - 1000
Number of times the girls say, "yes" - 20

Number of email accounts I have - 3
Number of email accounts that I check - 1

Number of loads of laundry I did today - 8
Number of loads I still have left to do - 2

Number of hours I sleep at night while hubby is gone - 6
Number of hours I sleep at night while hubby is here - 9

Number of shoes in my gym bag - 3

Number of times I check the mail each week - 1

Number of quarts of water I drink each day - 2

Number of friends I have on facebook - 288
Number of friends on facebook that I'm actually friends with - 28ish

Number of miles I ran today - 5
Number of miles I will run this week - 18

Number of days I consecutively practiced yoga last week - 3
Number of days I wish I could practice yoga - 7

Number of times I have talked to my man today - 1
Number of times I normally talk to my man in a given day - 20

Number of times I told the twins to sit at the table and not stand on chairs - 32
Number of times I threatened to spank them if they didn't sit - 43
Number of times I spanked them - 0

Number of unread posts in my google reader - 28

Number of times in a week I say, "Luke where are your shoes?" - 307
Number of times in a week he says, "Um, I don't know..." with the most gorgeous eyes twinkling at me - 307

Number of science experiments I did this weekend - 3
Number of those experiments that I could actually explain the results - 0

Number of books I am currently reading - 7
Number of books I have read this year - 0

Number of times I think to myself that I am SO blessed - countless!!



Sincerely Anna said...

That was fun! I'm impressed!

Karen said...

Sabrina, you just make me laugh!

Davies Family said...

So why do you have 3 shoes in your bag when you only have 2 feet? Or, is it pairs of shoes...but then why do you have 3 pairs of shoes in your gym bag? I hope I can sleep tonight even though I'm pondering these questions...

Sab Mad said...

Stacy - 3 pairs of shoes in my gym bag. Yoga shoes, running shoes & workout shoes. It makes for a heavy bag. Add a couple hair ties, ipod, lip gloss, drink mixes, motrin, anti-itch cream, a random pull up, some books, raisens and crackers, then dump me in the middle of no where and I should be great!

Elizabeth said...

This is a wonderful, fun post. I love it! May I borrow it?

I hope I am one of those 28 "friends" on fb, because I think it's fun to read your updates!

I e-mailed you to some account last year that you said you never check. Now it all makes sense!

How do you check the mail only once a week? I love the excitement of checking the mail everyday!

Only 28 posts unread? I have 623 right now!

No books this year? It's not like you're busy or anything:)