Friday, October 02, 2009

Flashback Friday

In honor of soccer season starting and our first game tomorrow, I'm dedicating this Flashback Friday to soccer seasons past. Here is a play by play of my boys love affair with soccer.

Fall - 2005
This was Caleb's first year to play soccer. He was 3 and it was a non-competitive teaching league. Initially he was nervous - understatement! - to be on the field without Daddy holding his hand, but we really saw his confidence grow by the end of the season. Luke, on the other hand, was obsessed with being on the field with the big kids. I spent most of soccer trying to keep him off the field and out of the way. He was actually really good at kicking & controlling the ball!

Fall - 2006

We had just moved here and this was Caleb's first year playing on a competitive league. Luke really wanted to play, but he still wasn't old enough. I remember the picture above like it was yesterday. Caleb was so proud that he could hold the ball with his foot like a real soccer player. Luke, as usual, copying his big brother!

Fall - 2007

Whooo-hooo! Luke is finally old enough to play. And boy was he SO excited!! Caleb had this coach that was convinced that he could not only teach 5 year olds specific plays, that they would follow through and do them. Mmmm, not-so-much! At this age you should be glad they aren't still chasing butterflys all over the field!

Fall 2008 -

Seasoned soccer player is what we have now. And I am officially a soccer mom!

If you play along, leave a comment and let me know! Also next week's Flashback will be fall themed - pumpkin patches, leaves, ect. Oh I have some good ones!! Then the following week will be Halloween costumes of past years. Yours, kids, hubby's - I want to see them all!

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