Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weeds be gone!

I read the following in my quiet time the other day and it has been really resonating with me a lot lately. It's a quote by Charles Swindoll in his book Stress Fracture:

'The closer you get to authentic, the less you care about the artificial.'

It's funny how God speaks to me. I read this amazing piece of wisdom and then a couple of days later got an email from a friend asking for prayers on behalf of some friends she went to college with. As our friend kept us updated, via email, on the situation with her friends, I was also keeping tabs on the plight of this amazing couple through their blog. Well, I already sent you to their story, but if you want to go back for an update I promise you will leave inspired.

In the end I have no idea if Sara Sullivan ate organic, what her thoughts were on homeschooling, christian school, public school or cloth diapers, I don't know if she drove a hybrid or an SUV, I do know (through reading her blog) she did exercise, liked yoga and went to a ladies bible study, but I don't know if she was a democrat or republican, watched tv or not, had a clean house or a messy one, recycled or not...and the list of what I don't know goes on. And at the end of the day, I'm not sure that any of that really matters.

What matters is that all through her blog you know who she loves most in this world.

What matters is that she had relationships in her life. Lots of them

What matters is when things didn't make sense she rested safely in the arms of her Savior.
What matters is when times got tough, she kept her eyes fixed on Jesus.

What matters is that she is leaving a legacy of lives touched through the way she lived her life - in complete surrender to her Savior. If only, I am so blessed.

I struggle over here. I struggle with lots on my plate, a house that doesn't look like a model show home, my weight, what to do about the kids education, my obsessoin with the gym, why my carpet always needs vacuumed, making chore chars for the kids, finding time to clean, Halloween costumes, soccer balls, bills, what I feed my kids - even whether or not I should make my own laundry soap! And while I'm not saying that those things don't have a place, I am saying that they take up too much time in my day. Time that I need to spend getting closer to my Savior.

Because I have a feeling that the closer I get to the authentic, the artificial in my life will become more clear. And then I can weed out that artificial. Because in the end I want to leave a legacy of rich relationships and complete surrender to my Savior.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to do a lot of weeding.


Joseph said...

How lucky I am to be married to this amazing woman. From the beginning I was drawn to her amazing thoughts and perspective on her relationship with Christ and it still draws me to her 8 years later.

Elizabeth said...

Your words here are precious, and so very true. It's amazing how much time I spend worrying over the unnecessary and mundane, and how little time I spend with the One who loves me most. Thank you for the reminder tonight.

MaryBeth said...

So true... such an important message for me today!

Sara W. said...

Wonderful Sabrina! I am addicted to another blog! ;)

Michele said...

A well-written display of what should be in all of our hearts. I want authentic and hate when I see artificial ______ in my life. There is a lot that can/does occupy that blank, even things that are Good. But these days I am hungry for Best.
Miss you,