Sunday, September 06, 2009

Every piece of art is different

This little delicious face cracks me up! He is learning bible verses at school and his verse last week was, "God created the heavens and the earth." So at dinner the other night, Daddy is going over Caleb's verse with him (and challenging him further & he's sailing right through) and then says, "Luke, do you know your verse for the week?"

Luke starts looking at the sky, concentrating really hard, and then gets this huge smile on his face and proudly (and confidently) says, "God paints beautiful pictures!"

His face was so cute and his answer so sweet, so we all bust out laughing. Luke was just grinning ear to ear with pride!

He's such a little clown and loves it when he makes us laugh.

I'm always fascinated by how different my baby boy's are and was struck again, today at church, by the differences. Caleb requires a lot of prep for new situations, likes me to go in and meet the teacher and introduce him, he is so proud that I am his mama and loves to hold my hand. Luke runs ahead of me, darts in his class and doesn't look back. When I smile, wave by to him and blow kisses he pretends like he doesn't see me!

Caleb LOVES rules, Luke, eh, not-so-much. Caleb runs to responsibility, while Luke runs from it. Caleb likes having a few close friends, Luke hasn't met anyone he doesn't want to be his best friend. Caleb likes to know how everything works, Luke just wants things to work. Caleb argues and debates to get his way, while Luke makes goo-goo eyes and charms his way into existence.

And there are so many more stark differences...

Differences that the master painter, sculptor and potter created when he made them. And I love them for those differences!

That Lukie is right...God does paint beautiful pictures!


Sincerely Anna said...

I think you got the best of both worlds there - as trying as it might be on some days. They're going to be so close because of their differences (and, bonus, they're so different that they may not fight over the same girl down the road!)

Michele said...

Except, Anna, when the same girl loves them both because she just can't decide: Excitement??? Predictability??? And this young lady will probably be a friend to the twins who will have to say to her: If you break our brothers' hearts we'll have to do some serious harm to you. And Sab, you'll be watching every minute of the drama...on your knees for sure.