Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mad moments... bullet points - my favorite!
  • I'm contemplating a hair cut. My hair has gotten ridiculously long. Like I-have-to-yank-it-out-from-under-my-husband-when-he-rolls-over-on-it-in-the-middle-of-the-night long. But here is my dilemma: I have had my hair all lengths and although I like it really short, my man says when it's short I look like I have a helmet on. How's that for brutal honesty? Hmmm. He loves my hair long. I like to grow it out and then cut it short, but my fear is that while my hair grows like a weed, what if now that I am getting older it won't grow back? Isn't there like some rule that your hair stops growing as you get older or am I crazy? And then my other fear is that what if when it's short it irritates me while I run? I can't have any irritations when I run!
  • I did find out that I could sell my hair on the Internet, for big bucks (like anywhere from $500-$1000) because it is virgin hair (no dye, no perm), ridiculously thick and long. When I told my man that he said, "Where's the scissors?" Apparently, money talks around here.
  • So, if I'm not getting a hair cut, my other thought is - DYE! I would love to dye my hair. I've never done it before, but I think that it would look really cool with a pink stripe in it. Yes, I am serious. Once again though, my man thinks that is absurd. So, I gave him 2 choices: pink hair or nose ring. He's still thinking, I'm still serious...
  • Well, that is 3 minutes of your life you will never get back reading about my hair drama. On to other things...
  • School is going great for the boys. They both love it! Check out Caleb's cursive:

  • There is some story that my MIL loves to tell that when Joseph was in kindergarten his teacher declared that his handwriting was so bad the only thing he would amount to in life was being a doctor. His handwriting is terrible and she was right. I wonder what you become if you're cursive is this fabulous?!?
  • While the boys are in school, the girls and I are trying to find out where we belong. It has been an adjustment for me. For the past couple of years everything has revolved my big boys - their schedule and activities. And now they are gone and the shishers and I are finding our groove. I'm feeling lonely and need to find some friends for the sisters and I. So...
  • We go to the gym every morning, we've joined a great MOPS group at church, we go to the park & play and are looking for a playgroup. It's a start. Joseph rolls his eyes when I say I have no friends. He claims to not know anyone who has more friends. He's right, I have friends, I'm just looking for that one that has a husband in residency, loves going to the gym, runs and has twin girls. Really, is that too much to ask?!
  • Until then, it has been fun being with the Divas - they are crazy and make me laugh all the time! We have lots of girl time and every time I go shopping with them, I am reminded at how terrible they are and how it's all my fault! I seriously let them get away with murder. It's bad. But they are just so darn cute!
  • I had my Mother's of Multiples sale last weekend and got rid of tons of girl clothes! The amount of clothes these girls have is bordering ridiculous. And now that those clothes are gone, they have made room for their fall wardrobe. I am having serious fun shopping for that!
  • You can rest easy tonight knowing that I have figured out the Halloween costumes for this year. Whew, there was some stress, fast talking and bribing involved - but it is done! And there will be no changing of minds or reveals quite yet. I will just say that I am now on a 5 year streak for group themed Halloween costumes. The things that make me happy...
  • My sister has been living with us now for the past month and it is going really well! She's going to college here and just got a job this week. It has been so nice having company when my man is gone and she has been super helpful with the kids when we need her. It's nice to have a babysitter around for impromptu date nights. I try really hard not to abuse her, wouldn't want to run her off quite yet...
  • We are going to the beach this weekend and I am super excited. We are going with some of our good friends who have 7 kids. It should be a blast!!
  • Soccer season starts next week and the boys are thrilled!
  • Joseph has been on nights all month and pulled his last one last night. Whew, I'm glad that is over. It wasn't that bad. The most painful part is that he sleeps in our room, so I hate going in there to shower, change or anything else for fear of waking him. It will be nice to have my room back! He's off for the next 11 days - whoooo-hooo - and then will be out of town for a while - booooo.
  • And on his week off, he is geared up to (drum roll please) potty train the twins. I-am-so-not-ready-for-this! I was geared up for it, but then changed my mind a couple of days ago. When I say this out loud, I laugh at myself because I don't really have to do much. Or at least that is how it's been in the past. Joseph potty trained the boys and did a perfect job. Well, perfect with one and the other one...let's just say we got a call this afternoon to bring a change of clothes because he had an accident. But it's not Joseph's fault that child is way too busy playing to worry about little things like going to the bathroom!
  • I digress, back to the twins - while Love is off and will solely dedicate the time to training the twins, he will leave. And then I will have to commit to what he started and I am bad at commitment. Hence the reason that he potty trains.
  • So, I'm still thinking about whether or not to potty train. I did, however, have fun buying girl panties!!!!! I've never bought girl panties and they are sooo cute.

Alrighty, that is all (and wayyy too much) for now. I really doubt that any of you read through that and I don't blame you. I wouldn't either. I just missed y'all!


Sincerely Anna said...

Of course I read through it, I'm so interested in all this stuff. I want to hear what your last four years of Halloween costumes were. Have you done the wolf and three little pigs? Because I think that would be so cute!

Michele said...

Hey friend, fall is here up in the soon to be frozen tundra so your new blog look fits right in. Love to hear your randomness, I was trying to figure out if now that Eli is 8 we can get out of Halloween. We are having a medieval feast 10/16 for school and that feels like plenty of costuming for me. Wish you and all your creativity lived next door.
Happy weekend.

Kellie said...

Caleb could be a dermatologist... I saw one once who had the neatest handwriting, it made me question his doctoring skills!
Love the blog, you are getting fancy!
Miss you!

Davies Family said...

You crack me up. Your hair is will look good no matter what length it is...but, I just want you to know that I will very lovingly nickname you "Skunk" if you go for the pink stripe. Totally your call though. :) Glad I made time for your beach pictures too--looks like a fun weekend! :)