Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is this another sign it's time?

"okay, are you sure you know what you're doing?"
"yes, don't worry. mama gets the wipes out and ready first. trust me, i know what i'm doing..."
"like mama says, play with the wipes and don't fuss. don't wiggle."
"okay, mama, stop taking pictures and come help shisher. she's not cleaning me with the wipes, she's trying to cover me with them."
And that is what I caught those two doing the other day. I love how they used a magna doodle pad as their changing pad!



Sincerely Anna said...

Those two are a hoot! And sooo cute, too! I feel for you when it's "time" but maybe they'll just potty train one another perhaps?

Jessi said...

How cute! I, too, love how they've pulled out the Magna Doodle for their changing pad. I know you're not ready to start the potty training process (the actual work involved nor the acceptance that your 'babies' are growing up)...but I think they're really trying to tell you something.

Praying for you...the shishers seem to have done a lot of growing up recently. ((HUGS))

Kellie said...

This gave me a great idea... just potty train one, and then she can potty train her shisher!!!
And yes, I'd say that's a sign it's time. :)
They are so funny!

allboys4us said...

Waaaaaaaay cute! :)

Elizabeth said...

The shishers are so independent, and quite capable it looks to me! I say give potty training a shot. I'm thinking it's going to be a lot easier than you think. They're the ones who'll do all the work!