Tuesday, September 08, 2009

No one was harmed in the making of this blog post!

My boys share a room and I really do believe that it makes them closer. They share stories at night, laugh, sing, act silly, make up silly games, have to work together to clean it and, in the effort of full disclosure, fight like crazy at times.

But isn't that what makes them brothers... and best friends?

So, yeah, I love that they share a room. And my rules are few and simple for bed: I don't want to hear you, do NOT turn on that light and don't even THINK about getting out of that bed before your alarm sounds!

Their Papa on the other hand, does not have the same set of rules. He actually has two rules. Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Umm, yeah right.

So as you can imagine with two little boys sharing a room, going to bed way earlier than they probably should, there is a certain amount of drama. The evenings that there is d-r-a-m-a drives My Man crazy. Mr. Don't-get-out-of-your-bed-again-or... does not like seeing their darling little faces after he lovingly prays with them and gently tucks them in. Lovingly and gently are not words that I would use to describe his feelings of evening-after-I-already-tucked-you-in-drama. And in another effort at full disclosure, if he is home, he is the one that goes in there and deals with the drama. May be why he doesn't love it...

In any case we usually warn and threaten a couple of times and then they settle. I don't really care if they if they talk, I want them to talk - I just don't want to hear them.

Now, sometimes they don't settle and we have to lay down the law. We have had to get creative with discipline when they get rowdy and out of control. We tried separating them by putting a boy in the guest bedroom or in our room, but whoever gets moved considers it a privilege.

And I would hate for my kids to consider one of my punishments a privileged.

So now we separate them and one boy goes to the...bathroom. Bathroom floor that is! We usually send one of them (and it changes) to the bathroom and wait about 10-15 minutes, which is about how long it takes for the one laying in bed to fall asleep, then we send the other back in. Simple right?

Right. Unless it is Dad that sends him and then starts watching a movie! In that case, this is what happens:

The child gets forgotten about until his Aunt (who is staying with us) comes home and goes to the bathroom to get ready for bed and says, 'Sab Mad, is Luke supposed to be on the bathroom floor?'


Apparently Daddy told him to go to the bathroom, but didn't actually follow him there, and then forgot about him in his haste to get ready for work.

Mommy=not a happy camper.
Luke didn't look too worse of the wear and when I asked him about it the next morning, he had no idea what I was talking about. Slept right through the whole thing.

That does get Daddy out of a little bit o trouble and console Mama some...

I assure you, we typically do not have the problem of forgetting about our children. But I also must confess, in the effort of full disclosure, that I did almost leave the gym without one of my children the other day.




The 5 Rohrers said...

We are totally going to use your idea about the bathroom floor. That's awesome!

Elizabeth said...

So funny! I won't tell you how often I've almost forgotten one of my children. There are just so many of them:)

Jessi said...

No harm done....just something funny to remember/laugh at in 20 years. And I have to admit that I chuckled outloud when I saw the picture.

Anonymous said...

Aww..that is so cute! I think it's wonderful they share a room and are such god friends...good for you for honoring and helping them build that relationship!