Thursday, September 03, 2009

A great way to end a crazy day

I'm exhausted, it's late and should really be going to bed so that I can be perky, outgoing, and 'on' for my big event tomorrow. Oh, you don't know what big event I am talking about? Well, I don't have time to tell you...

What I do want to blog about is my favorite quote of the day. It came from my first born, during his quiet time this morning. We were talking about the assurance of salvation when he said, "My name is written in the book of life."

"Who told you that?" I asked.

"Mrs. Niles" (his first grade teacher) "She said that if we ask Jesus to forgive our sins and live in our hearts then we will go to heaven and our name will be written in the book of life."

Seriously, friends. If this child's teacher, teaches him NOTHING else for the rest of the year I won't care because he has been told a truth that is more important than anything else he could have learned.

And that, is what this mama is going to think about as she falls asleep in next 37 seconds.



allboys4us said...

So awesome...and inspiring! So glad you shared that!

Jessi said...

How wonderful...and what a sweet memory to think about as you lay down to sleep!

I'm beginning to understand how full your heart feels when you hear your child 'get it'....the other day I overheard Josiah reading his Bible to one of his animals...."and Jesus' followers will go to Heaven"...such sweet words.

Hope you found enough energy for today's big event.

Kari said...

LOVE it! way to go!!!