Sunday, August 30, 2009

Introducing: Pingy and Amy

The sisters each have lovies that they can't live without. Ella has Pingy, the penguin, and has actually had him for a while now. Little Kate has Amy, the...I forget what kind of animal Amy is, I'll have to ask Caleb. In any case, these girlies love their stuffed friends and their blankies. Take a look:

The last picture drives me crazy. To soothe herself, sucks her fingers and twirls her hair. Cute huh? NO! She will twirl her hair until it's in a rat's nest and is so matted I have to cut some of it out. UGH, it drives me crazy!

But, mercy, are they delicious or what?!


Elizabeth said...

Delicious, indeed!

Have Jessi or I ever told you that Caleb looks just like our nephew Christian?

allboys4us said...

Could they be any more adorable? I don't think so!!! What an awesome mama you are Sabrina!

Jessi said...

Those girlies of yours are just DARLING (and delicious)! What a cute soothing mechanism Ella has...glad you're the one who has to comb (and/or cut)*wink*...can't even imagine the knots that the twisting causes.

And Elizabeth is right, now that she mentions it...Caleb does look *a lot* like our nephew...funny.