Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!


Oh my, boy you turned 5 today and I can’t even believe it! You have been so excited about this birthday and counting down the days for the past month. And it’s finally here!

I love being your mommy Luke. You are funny, smart, athletic, easy going, and you make a best friend every where we go. You are great at making friends, remembering names and making people feel included. I love that about you!

Luke, you have this ability to make me furious and then in the next moment you will say or do something that has me laughing and wanting to kiss you to death! Sometimes I just look at your cute little face and I want to squeeze you! You are my child that thanks me for all the little things I do for you. You can play for hours by yourself, but if I ask to play with you, you get so excited. But then you get frustrated with me because I don’t know a lot (like what happens in each Star Wars movie), so you tell me I can go. But if I make a sad face, you will give me an appeasing kiss.

I have started calling you, Gooey, because you always have something sticky on your hands or face. No matter how many times I wipe you down, you always seem to get gooey!

Right now, Luke, you are into Lego’s, Star Wars & Transformers. And boy are you into them. You also love to ride your scooter and love to ‘race’. If I turn anything into a race, that gets you going! You will beg me to drop you off at the end of the street and ‘race’to the house. You run as fast as your cute little legs will take you and I go as fast as I can in the van – and you always beat me!

Luke, when I dropped you off for your first day of Preschool, you were so excited and walked right into that class. I knew you would and I also knew that when I went to blow you kisses goodbye, you would pretend that you didn’t see me. You really dislike Public Display of Affection from Mommy. And that drives me crazy!! You’re still my baby and I love you!!

Luke, you are my little light. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious and people are drawn to you. I pray that as you grow up, little Lovey, you grow up to be a man who loves Jesus and is bold in your faith. As you grow up always seek Godly wisdom and truth. I pray that as you grow up and your faith sways, you always remember that the foundation on which it is built will never be shaken. You are an oak of righteousness and I pray that your baby roots grow stronger, as you grow taller and bring God glory. Always remember Lovey that that is your purpose – to bring glory to God!

I love you, Goo!


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