Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh great, a new obsession

I love my new camera! Love it!!! Here are some shots I have taken in the past couple of days with it:

Ella - mercy, I love that little face. Shisher's hard at play!
And...I have no idea who this is! I think Ella, but it could possibly be Lily Kate....maybe? Love is voting this is Lily. No, I think it's Ella. Yeah, I'm sure. I think. And no, this does not prove that they are identical. It proves that they are sisters and have similarities (I hear you snickering, all the way from Korea, Kellie!) The one thing I do know is that who ever it is has a dirty face. These girlies definitely eat like their Papa!

I plan on taking more pictures and spending more time with PSE. As soon as I find some more time...


1 comment:

Kellie said...

So which one did you get?

And, by the way, my children are siblings and have "similarities" as you say, but upon close inspection of a picture I can tell who is who! I still vote identical!

snicker snicker