Monday, October 26, 2009

A walk inside the head of Sab Mad - be afraid...

Do you want to see the super cute thing that I am drooling over currently:

"Our new felt countdown calendar helps everyone get into the Thanksgiving spirit well in advance. It has 60 I am thankful cards for each day's pocket that promote the act of gratitude."

Seriously, I went to the outlets last week and wandered into the Pottery Barn Outlet when lo and behold I saw this sweetness! I love family traditions and immediately thought of dozens of ways we could use this to create memories! So I sat there, held it in my hands and debated...

"I am here to buy clothes for our children, not things for our house," says Practical Sabrina.

"But how often do you ever buy things for the house? Really, splurge a little. You only live once..." says Very Impratical Sabrina.

Practical Sabrina replies, "I have been splurging, see all these bags?"

"Um, those were clothes for your kids. That's not splurging!"

"Apparently you didn't see the price of those tights for the sisters! Splurge. I've already spent too much money and I don't need to spend anymore. Especially $70 on something that will be hung on the wall for 28 days. It's adorable, cute and I really want it, but it is not in the budget!"

Impractical Sabrina says (very unfairly), "But you can't put a price on memories..."

"You're right," says Practical Sabrina. "I can't, but Dr. Mad can and he would think that's a lot of cash."

Impractical Sabrina replies with, "Who are you kidding, he doesn't care. He wants you to be happy and you know he wouldn't put a price on your happiness."

So Practical Sabrina stood there and stared, dreamed, imagined and then walked out of the store. And the whole way home thought about this adorable wall hanging.

And apparently is still thinking about it.



matt n karisa said...

Well, I commend your self-control, because I don't know if I would have done that well. ;) Surely you or some close friends have some sewing talent and could make a mimic....

Jessi said...

I agree....good for you for walking out without splurging.

And you make the girls' bows and the kids' Halloween costumes...I KNOW you could make your very own "Gratitude Wall Hanging".

Sab Mad said...

You guys have WAY too much confidence in me! And my friends for that matter!!

Time For Beads said...

well, I always say if it is still haunting you after a week-wait no longer:)

Toby and Rebecca said...

Just a voice from the other side... we have it, love it, hang it each year on Nov 1st and never seem to have time to make an "I'm thankful" not each day.

If you do get it, enjoy it and find a way to make it fun- especially since your crew could write their own notes.

If you don't get it, I agree with your friend that you can make something just as cute and cooler with 8 helping hands!

Sab Mad said...

Andria, I'm actually tinking about seeing if I can get someone from Etsy to make it!

R-to-the-Becca, I know where you live. You said it's up on Nov.1? What time?...

Lauren said...

I totally agree that you can definitely make this. But it would take a lot of TIME. However, I bet if you wait two weeks till the middle of November, it will be half off. You may not have it for this year but you could keep it for next.

Kellie said...

Those are the kinds of things I always regret not getting... and by the time you get someone on Etsy to custom make something, wouldn't it be near that price?
I'm with Lauren - go back when it might be on sale. But don't wait too long, it might be gone!
There are easier ways to make thingies like this too... like not sewing, like stringing together cute little envelopes that can hold little notes. Kelly gave me something like that at Christmas time last year. I'll have to take a pic (if I brought it to Korea). But that would be a fun little paper craft, so fabric or sewing involved. But you're tempting me to get out my sewing machine and buy some of this cheap fabric everyone's talking about here, and create!!
Adios, Amigo!!