Sunday, April 17, 2011

C is for...

…one of my FAVORITE things in the world – Crossfit!! Really, I love it. There isn’t much that will get me out of bed at 5:30AM to go to a place that has no heat (freezing in the winter) and no AC (brutal in the summer).

And did I mention it starts at 5:30AM?

That is how much I love it. The workout. The people. The culture. Love it. We’re like a little family. Somewhat dysfunctional, but what family isn’t. We have a language – WOD’s, K2B, Kb swings, AMRAP, HSPU, GHD, OHS, PR, Rx… We may even be a cult!

Kidding. Sort of.

What I don’t love about it is that I no longer have smooth girlie hands. I now have calluses that I have to file down with an emery board. Seriously. How manly is that? I was actually mortified last week when I was teaching yoga and had to touch my class with my man hands. Yuck.

But while it is yuck, it is also a badge of honor. They remind me that I have to “work for it.”

Yep, I love crossfit!

On to another topic that starts with a “C” – crying. I have been doing a lot of it lately. I’m so sad to be moving in 6 weeks. I’m leaving familiarity, a job I love and some really amazing friends. To start over in a city where I don’t know anyone. What makes it harder is that we have been here for 5 years. For us that is a lifetime. Half of our marriage has been spent here, half of our kids were born here. We have really put some roots down here.

And the thought of doing it all over again overwhelms me.

I had two major meltdowns last week and a few mini-melts. I was trying to rent out a pool/splash pad for a combo going away/twins birthday party and found out last week that the only 2 nights in May that I can do it, are taken.

I have no plan B and the thought of coming up with one is too overwhelming, so I think that we’ll forgo a “goodbye” and try to do something to celebrate the Twinkies b-day. This is the year that they ‘get-it’ and are so excited about their party. I’d hate for them not to have one. Especially since neither one of the boys will have one this year. That is the bummer about summer birthdays. We won’t be here to celebrate it with friends and we won’t have any friends in our new town to celebrate it with.

All of that caused me to have a major sad moment.
In my pantry.
Because I didn’t want the kids to see me cry.

So when I am done with my melodrama I wipe my eyes, open the door to pretend that all is well, only to find all 4 little people standing outside the laundry room staring at me. Like I am crazy. Because I am.

C is also for C-R-A-Z-Y. I have a feeling there will be lots of crazy moments over the next 3 months. Afterall, I will be on my own for the move (man won’t even be in town when the movers come,) I will be on my own for the travel to our next destination, I will be on my own when it is time to unpack and I will be on my own once we get there (man hits the floor running when we get there).

Actually, I won’t be on my own. I will have my 4 little best buddies.

Yes, I have a feeling there will be lots of crazy over the next 3 months. Lots.


Sincerely Anna said...

I wish I could give you a hug and tell you to let it all out! I can imagine how hard it is to say goodbye and how this move is going to be the hardest yet. I have no doubt that this next 3 months will be crazy but I know for certain that God is in control. C, C, C :) He has called (I'm sorry, I can't stop with the words that start with C) you to big things that He has prepared you for. For certain (okay, I'll stop). Love you and I'll be praying for you.

matt n karisa said...

How far will you be from Ben & Joy? We've got some friends planting a church in Ft Collins... And God is in CO, too! ;)

Sab Mad said...

@ Anna - I absolutely adore you and you crack (another c!) me up! Seriously if we lived close (another one!) to one another I would stalk you and make you be my BFF. Aren't you glad we are moving even further from you!

@ Karisa - I don't know where they live. I am glad that the big man is there and that he is going ahead of me. Definitely a comfor (c word) to know that!