Thursday, January 14, 2010

I've lost one of my jobs!

The following is a fairly new AND so special moment that is commonly seen around here lately:

The girls LOVE when their big brother reads to them before bed time. Love it! And Caleb gets a kick out of it too. He's reading skills are quite impressive for a first grader. He started reading last year, but this year is much more confident and almost never trips over words anymore.

Caleb's funny - occasionally I will hear him say, "Girls if you don't lay down and be quiet, I'm not going to read to you anymore. I'm not kidding." He sounds just like me!

This picture definitely brings me joy!



Sincerely Anna said...

That picture brings me joy, too! He's a great big brother and sounds like an awesome reader!

Lauren said...

Sweet, Sweet Picture. Caleb you are a great big brother.