Saturday, January 09, 2010

Where to begin?

I guess I should first introduce myself. Hi, I'm Sab Mad and I am the MIA author of this little 'ole blog. It has been almost a month since I last posted anything here. So let me do a quick recap on life at the Mad House:

  • This Christmas was the busiest one we have ever had. It was insanely busy. And I vow to never do another one like it. There it is, in writing. We had parties, parties and more parties. Super fun, but exhausting!
  • I'm involved in a lot of different things and most of the time it doesn't feel too overwhelming. I think that it is because they don't usually all merge at once. I learned the hard way that they do at Christmas. Note to self: Leave town during Christmas to shrink from some responsibilities.
  • My Mother-in-law came for a visit and it was a joy to have her here. She brought her 3 youngest and they were great playmates for my kids. While it was a little nuts around here sometimes, they all got along famously and the boys were very sad when they had to say goodbye. Their visit, however, did confirm that my house is not big enough for 7 children under 10. So I think triplets are out of the Mad future. Hopefully...
  • Joseph was off for a week during Christmas, but we were so busy it didn't really feel like a break. He had big plans during this break to go visit Urology to make sure that triplets are out of the Mad future, but I chickened out the night before his surgery. We plan on revisiting the idea at some point in the future... Note to self: Your husband must go through surgical procedures if you want to be assured that you will not have 7 kids in your future.
  • It took me a week or so to recover from Christmas. Going home to my parents really helped. Mama brings me breakfast in bed every morning and gets the kids up and fed. She also entertains the kids while I take naps. (I know, she's amazing!!!) While breakfast in bed significantly helps stress recovery, it is NOT so good for the waistline. Especially since the food that she was making me wasn't remotely healthy. Note to self: If you are going to eat fatty food, you should at least have to walk to get it.
  • New Years Eve made me feel so old this year. Not only did I NOT stay up to ring in the new year, I actually called the cops on my neighbors. I'm getting old. In my defense, they started rocking my house at 9pm when I went to bed and I didn't call the police until 1:30 AM when I could no longer take it. Note to self: You are turning 33 in two weeks, not 83!
  • I didn't make any New Years resolutions this year. It is the first year in ...many that I didn't make any. Not sure why? Note to self: Think about making some New Years resolutions - for next year!
  • When I got home from my week of weight gain mini vacation I decided that I wanted to spend this month doing projects around the house. So I caught the last day of Hancock Fabric's 50% off sale and bought yards and yards of fabric. I made curtains for the boys room and am currently working on recovering our dining room chairs. Note to self: Put some pictures up of your work!
  • This has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING, but this is the second night this week that I am watching football whist there is no male in the house watching it with me. Note to self: Get a life!

Well, that gets us caught up a bit! I plan on doing some picture catch up here soon!



Jessi said...

There you's good to see you! I, too, have been MIA...too many things going on.

Well, if going to bed before midnight on New Year's Eve makes you old, then I guess we can be old together. ;-)

Yes, you definitely need to post your fabric projects!

And should we meet up someday soon...can you imagine FIVE kids 3 & under in the same house?! Whoa! LOL!

Toby and Rebecca said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a fun holiday! Looking forward to pictures.

ps. Now if the opinion of a Urologist's wife counts, it seems that chickening out the night before the big V would be a bit easier on Dr. Mad than changing your mind later :) Although, that can be done too :)