Saturday, January 09, 2010

Twister Sisters Pet Grooming...

...coming to a town near you!

Ella: "Don't touch anything, I just want you to watch what I do first."Lily Kate: "Okay..."
Titan: "Um, are you sure they know what they are doing? I'm outta here if they hurt me!"

Ella: "So we just lift up his ear to brush the hair underneath. Go ahead, you can do it."
Lily Kate: "Um, okay..."

Lily Kate: "Like this?"
Ella: "Yes, good job."

Ella: "This is so much fun!"
Lily Kate: "Mama will be so happy that we are brushing the hair into the dust pan! This is great!!"

(No dogs, especially Titan Dog, were harmed during the documentation of this craziness!)



Jessi said...

What great teamwork! And Titan was such a sport! :-)

Toby and Rebecca said...

If the girls can handle slobber... I mean serious drool, we would like to make an appt. asap! :)

Sab Mad said...

Jessi - Titan is the greatest dog and puts up with a lot around here!

Becca - Don't tempt me to send the Diva's over...they need to start earning their keep!

matt n karisa said...

They are TOO CUTE!