Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

I have two words for you:
Accountablilty Kids
Changes Life
of Tired Mom.
(Okay that last one was 3, but I didn't capitalize it so it doesn't really count!)

A couple of months ago, this girl in my Sunday school class sent an email out about a company that she encountered at a MOPS convention called Accountability Kids. She was having a little get together at her house for moms who felt frustrated with having kids do their chores. I think I was the first one signed up!

So I went, watched a little video (same one that is online), lamented with other moms about how hard this mom gig is and purchased two chore boards.

And I am so glad that I did because they have helped revolutionize the Mad House. Really.

I'm sure that there are many ways that chore board can work, but here is how we do it: The kids have boards that I put magnetic strips on the back of and put on the fridge. They each have a set of chores/jobs/duties that they do in the morning, afternoon and evening. Here are an example:

MORNING - get dressed, brush teeth, quiet time with mom, make breakfast, make lunch, get backpack ready, ect.
AFTERNOON - homework, take out recycle, straighten room, ect.
EVENING - set table, clear table, clothes to the laundry, clean bathroom, brush teeth, read ect.

MORNING - brush teeth, make snack for school, get shoes and socks on, quiet time with mom, make bed, ect.
AFTERNOON - straighten playroom, clean bathroom, have snack, ect.
EVENING - brush teeth, clean room, clothes to hamper, read, ect.

They have more than that, but you get the idea. Now here is the best part: for each set of chores they can earn a ticket if they do that set with a cheerful heart and do a good job. No cheerful heart, no good job = LOSS of a ticket and you still have to do the work! Hmm, yeah, bummer.

And why do they care about these tickets? Oh, so glad you asked!

These tickets are currency around here. With these tickets they get to do all the extra-fun activities that they like to do. Nintendo DS, XBOX, watch tv, computer time, have a friend spend the night, stay up late on a weekend night, and so on. All those activities cost a ticket (or multiple tickets), so like to play XBOX they have to pay me 4 tickets. Love it!

The kids have opportunities to earn more tickets by doing more chores and by getting Best Behavior cards. They get those for teamwork, problem solving, kindness, showing joy even when you aren't happy, ect. Each Best Behavior card is worth 3 tickets.

The kids also lose tickets for disrespect, fighting, complaining, ect.

They can also earn money by trading in their tickets (each one is worth $.25), Best Behavior cards ($.75) or by getting bonus bucks. For example when my car is trashed I will pay Caleb Bunus Bucks to clean it out.

And Accountability Kids has forms for keeping track of all this on their website for free.

Okay, so lets be real. I have tried different things for years. And they may work for a couple of weeks, but I wasn't good at being consistent, so they would fall by the wayside. Well, we have been doing this for a couple of months now and we are still going strong.

It has especially been great for my sweet Luke. That child has a little harder time focusing and remembering what he's supposed to do next. With Caleb I can rattle off 10 things I want him to do and he will do it all. Lukie needs more reminding. And that can frustrate a mama that has twin tornadoes running rampant. But with this program, he knows to go and look at his board to see what to do next. Love it!

I also love that there is this special card that they can place a star on at the end of the day if they did their chores, had a good attitude and were kind and respectful to others - then they get to put a star on their card. After they fill their card, they get to have a special date. They get so excited when they get to put a card at the end of the day!!

The way that we do the program isn't exactly how they suggest, but it works for us. I love that it can be tweaked to work for your family.

Some of the free download ables.

Last night Luke filled up his Special Date card with stars and says, "I did it! I worked so hard! And now I get to go on a date with Daddy to IHOP." He was so proud of himself and that made me so happy for him. I love that he's learning hard work and perseverance.

Here's what works for us, for more ideas check this out!


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Jessi said...

Thanks for sharing....I'm definitely going to have to check this program out. Josiah just finished his first week of 'chore chart'...and I must admit, my week went by SO much more smoothly. My only hangup now is choosing 'rewards'....$$, treat, special dinner, tv time, etc. When do you think you'll implement a system for the girls?