Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gracie Grace

That's one of our nickname's for Ella, Gracie Grace. This little girlie is something else. While we have never told her that she is the baby of the family, she somehow knows it and certainly acts like it! Ella loves me to hold her. There are times she holds me so tight, I think she is going to choke me! Oh, this little Diva loves her mama. Loves me.

We cut Ella's hair last month and at first I wasn't sure I loved it. But, now I am sure I do! It so matches her personality.

Doesn't it fit her cute little face? Gosh I love this little girl. She is cut from the same mold as Luke. (Joseph and I both think it's amazing how each sister is so much like a brother.) Ella is easy going, loves to watch TV, easily distracted, absentminded, loves animals and bubbles, and is always the last one up from the table. Always.

Ella loves Dora and the Land Before Time dinosaurs. She shares this love with her big brother, Lukie. My heart melts looking at the above picture - Ella just got up from nap with bed head, her pink/purple tutu on and is sitting on Luke's lap watching TV with him.

Ella Grace, you make us laugh and are such a joy!


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Sincerely Anna said...

Her haircut is adorable!