Sunday, April 11, 2010

My favorite kinda blog post

My life in bullet points:
  • I was supposed to run a half marathon this weekend. Supposed to. In other words, didn't. I was so not ready to run 7 miles, much less 13.1. I really wanted to do one last run with my fav runner but between the fact that I didn't train, hubby's schedule sucked and I will be gone the next two weekends - I decided at the last minute I couldn't do it. Bummer.
  • I have officially joined the 21st century. I now text. And have a phone with a touch screen. Gosh, I'm fancy. Next thing you know, I will have a twitter account. (snicker) Not likely.
  • This weekend I did make a few more dresses for the girls. 6 to be exact. I'm getting faster and almost have it down to a science. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my dresses and a few people have said they would pay me to make dresses for them. Um, I politely said no. Ghetto seamstress I am, real seamstress I am not.
  • Speaking of me working, I got a job! The YMCA hired me!! I will be taking over a yoga class at the end of May and next weekend I am getting certified to teach Body Flow. It will be a 2 and a half day certification that sounds exhausting. I'm blessed that my mama will be flying in to take care of my kiddo's while I go.
  • I also filled out an application and sent in a resume for a job instructing group exercise classes at a corporate fitness gym. My friend works for the company and they really want to hire me to teach! The money is amazing! More than my hubby makes an hour! Exciting stuff.
  • Of course, my first job is mama and wife! And in case I have never told you, I am married to a man that never wants me to work. He is supportive of my endeavor, however. He makes me laugh though...he's a little worried about my "career" getting more attention than him. That silly man makes me laugh! I would hardly call this a "career". Seriously, we are talking like 2 hours a week. Boy, could you imagine if I told him that I was going back to school to become a rocket scientist? Luck for him that's not likely to happen...
  • Have I told you what I am obsessed with lately? This. I am really in need of an intervention. My boys, however, think I am very cool. Especially since I have made it to world 8! (Just pretend you're impressed.)
  • So, next weekend I will be doing this Flow cert. and then the following weekend I am going to the Mind, Body, Fitness Conference in Dallas to get Level 3 and Anatomy & Alignment certifications. It's a 4 day conference, that is going to be exhausting, but where I will get two more certifications. My SIL is coming from Alaska to take care of the kids so that I can go. I have good kin folk, don't I?
  • Well, I need to get to bed. Hey, I have a very important meeting on Thursday - if you think about it, will you pray for me? Thanks! I'll fill you in soon.


Elizabeth said...

You're a rock star! Seriously, you make me feel like I can handle four. You do it so beautifully!

The 5 Rohrers said...

Do you secretly wear a cape with a giant S on it for Sab Mad, the Superwoman?! Seriously, so glad life is rockin' for you. You inspire me to do more than just get a nap each day! (Which is a worthy accomplishment, I know!)

Davies Family said...

No way! B and I joined the texting world this weekend too....although apparently I'm only supposed to use it in emergencies b/c we didn't get the unlimited package. However, given that it takes me two hours to type a message, I don't think he has to worry about me overusing. My sisters will be so proud of you...:)

Sab Mad said...

Kel - Please, sister...we are cut from the same mold. Don't try to fool me into believing that you are letting likfe roll right by while your napping all day. You, too, are one busy lady!

Stace - so we won't be texting buddies? You need to get a touch phone with a keyboard. It helps y ou type much faster!

Sab Mad said...

Elizabeth - if I can handle 4 kids...ANYONE can! You are going to have so much fun...once you are feeling better! Hope that happens soon friend!

Jessi said...

Wow! Congratulations on all of your certifications--you're awesome! I remember back when you were just a "beginner" and now look at'chu! And I chuckled at the thought of you making more per hour than Dr. Mad...hope that changes next year. LOL!

Seriously, I'm so inspired by and proud of you for all that you've been able to accomplish outside of raising 4 littles and supporting 1 doctor.