Monday, April 12, 2010

Lily Kate

This girl makes me laugh. She is such the little mama to everyone in the house. Her Daddy and I included!

If there is anyone sad or crying, Lily Kate is the first one on the scene ready to console. She'll kiss you (even when you don't want a kiss!) bring you your favorite Lovey, or run and get a snack. She apparently has caught onto the fact that I use food to distract! LK has the most adorable nurturing personality. With that said, she also is under the impression that she is second in command right behind me. She loves to boss her siblings around and can often be heard getting after anyone who is breaking the rules. Her favorite subject to boss, her twin of course. But her brothers are a very close second! That girl has even be known to tell her Daddy to get out of the street "right now".

Lily also loves to clean and help out around the house. And we totally take advantage of her. Shamelessly. I pray that this little attribute sticks around - at least until she moves out of my house. It is especially lovely since my boys have z-e-r-o desire to clean house.

Lily Kate and Caleb are my kids that love dressing up. Lily loves all things princess:

Isn't she delicious?!

But, don't forget that this sweet girl also has brothers! She can hang if she needs to.

And this girl loves to have her picture taken:

Lily is like her big brother Caleb is so many ways it's uncanny. They both love to talk to me. Constantly. They are both stubborn, smart and love to figure out how things work. Both are very dramatic and not easily distracted. Definintely cut from the same mold!

Lily Kate, we love you and can't believe you will be 3 next month!


Jen said...

Could she BE any cuter!!! I can't believe the girls are almost three! I love your blog, Sabrina - it's so wonderful to get to see your kids grow up! :-)

Jessi said...

Such a sweet post...JUST for Lily Kate. I love the pic of her with the glow of the sun behind her. Seriously, they're almost THREE?!

Sincerely Anna said...

Busy, busy, busy...and cute as can be!!