Monday, December 20, 2010

Dr. J and his famous last words

Before I discuss my latest news, I feel the need to take a walk down memory lane to put this new in perspective.

  • Joseph and I go on our first date. (I told you we were taking a walk, just forgot to mention it was a long one!)
  • 5 months later we get married and go on our honeymoon.
  • 2 days after we get back from our honeymoon we move to North Dakota.
  • 2 months after arriving in North Dakota, I get pregnant.
***I'd like to pause for a moment and point out that at this point, I have only known this man for a total of 7 months.  Holy cow, we move fast!
  • 4 months pregnant we move to San Antonio for 5 months – J goes to class all day and I hang out in a hotel room. Bored. That time is memorialized by Mexican food and People’s Court reruns. Lots of both.
  • Come back to ND and have Caleb James. Delicious, spirited child.
  • Shortly after Caleb is born J starts training for a sprint triathlon and starts an organic chemistry class at Minot State. Because, apparently, having a child isn’t enough to keep him busy.
  • Does really well in first triathalon, aces O Chem and starts studying for his MCAT.
***Let’s pause on our walk here for a moment. This was a sweet, quiet little time in my life. J worked, came home for lunch everyday and was home by 4:45pm. We lived in the middle of no where, but had great friends and a happy little life.
  • Then… I got pregnant and J got accepted to medical school, so we moved across country with a 2 year old while I was almost 9 months pregnant. Quiet little life, shattered!
  • We got to DC and J had 2 weeks to unpack all the boxes, paint some rooms and help me get a nursery ready before he started classes.
  • 2 weeks after classes start, Luke Daniel is born. Delicious, funny child. J was there for the delivery and got me home the next day and then went back to classes. I got post partum bad.
  • The next 2 years are a blur of living in DC, trying to adjust to J’s new (and completely different than Minot) schedule, and trying to adjust to have 2 kids.
  • We decide to move ourselves to Texas to finish the last two years of medical school. J knew he wanted to do his residency here, so we took a BIG gamble in moving here. We packed ourselves and with the help of my step-dad, moved across the country. 3rd cross country move in 5 years. If you’re counting.  Obviously, I am.
  • Two months after moving to Texas I got pregnant. With twins. And was sick. Beyond belief. With a husband who was working c-r-a-z-y hours. Oh, my, that was a crazy time in life.
  • When I’m 7 months pregnant, J leaves for 6 weeks to North Carolina for work. Caleb was 3, Luke was 1 and I was HUGE! ‘Nuff said.
  • Twins are born at the end of 3rd year. I now have 4 kids under 4.
  • J leaves for 5 weeks when the twins are 5 weeks old. If I think back on that time too long, I will have an anxiety attack. Let’s walk faster here.
  • First year of Twinkies life is a mixture of crazy, fun, overwhelming, exhausting, adorable, sweet and amazing. Mercy, I wish I would have soaked it up more…
  • When twins turn one, we take a 3 week road trip back to DC to watch Joseph graduate medical school. HUGE milestone. The graduation and the 3 week trek with 4 small kids under 5.
  • Joseph starts residency in Emergency Medicine. Assures me that the hours are the best out there and he will “only work 12-16 shifts a month”. Oh, yes, I will quote him on that one. It will be my ammunition in the years to come. And yes, I do use ammunition.
  • Residency for 2 ½ years (so far). It bites. Really bad. There are many moments I am d-o-n-e. Instead of running away and moving to Tahiti, I cling on to the words “only work 12-16 shifts a month”.
  • End of second year, there are whispers. Faint at first, but then they get louder. Fellowship…fellowship…fellowship. And then one day Man finally says it out loud. “I think I want to do a fellowship.” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. More famous words, “Don’t worry, it looks like it will be a long shot. There are a lot of details that have to fall into place.”
We found out last week that he got the fellowship. With call every 5 days. Most of you don’t know what that means. Let’s just put it this way – it’s the opposite of, “only work 12-16 shifts a month”. Very opposite.

We are moving again. At least it’s to a place that is dear to my heart. Really close to people that are dear to my heart. That makes the fact that I won’t be experiencing “only work 12-16 shifts a month” a little less painful.

And so we continue on this crazy journey. I told my man, before we were even married, that I would follow him wherever he wanted to go. Because as long as he is there, then I’m home. Lucky for him, almost 10 years later, I still feel that same way!


Elizabeth said...

First, I only knew A for five months before I married him, so I know how that goes. And I was already pregnant, so I know how that goes too!

We've only moved once, so I don't know what that's like, and our kids are spread w-a-y out, and that's nice. But I do know the blur that life can be when your hubby is always gone. We only lived that for a year, and with only two kids, but it sucked.

I knew you when you took that crazy road trip, and I am still amazed! I remember that you hung a bed sheet to give the girls their separate sleeping area.

So, now that you're moving again, I'm excited for you. Colorado is hands down my favorite place on earth! I haven't been there in like 16 years, but it is my dream to live there one day. Maybe I'll follow you!

p.s. I almost called you today to see if you would be home on Wednesday so I could come by and meet you, but now we're going to west texas after all.

Jessi said...

I have to be honest....I kinda *giggled* while reading along...and you know it's because I can relate. "Fellowship" was the new "F word" in our house for a while...I just want my Dr. to be I'm willing to make cross-country trip #3 with small children if that's what God wants me to do.

And I know I've said it already...I am SO excited for you, because I know the Fellowship location is so near and dear to your heart. It'll be nice to go back to somewhere familiar....until it's time to move again. ;-)

Michele said...

Sweet friend, if J is following God, following him is the safest place you could ever find yourself. 12-16 shifts per mo sounds like paradise, unless of course your are off the best course for your lives. Then paradise develops a stench. Congratulate your man for us. Fellowship turned out to be a sweet thing for our family. Miss you.

matt n karisa said...

Thanks for the laugh! And for putting my life into perspective. ;) There are times when life feels "crazy" for us, but you guys DEFINE "crazy"!

Sincerely Anna said...

You have the ultimate "...and THEN..." kind of story. The plot is never boring! God has big plans for the Mad Fam. Congratulations to Joseph for the fellowship. I'm so curious as to where you'll be moving.

Kellie said...

Oh my goodness!! Yeah, when I was all starry eyed and newly married, moving cross country to DC, Korea wasn't really my idea of "I'll follow you wherever you go"! But it has worked out, and I'm glad we followed. I have FREAKED about lots of Dan's career decisions, and he nicely reminds me that any decision he makes is with all of us in mind b/c he knows his decisions affect all of us. And I should trust him with that. Hmmmm... still working on it!
But Colorado, that's COOL!! Wish I could come!!