Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What we learned at MD Anderson

We are home (back to my mama's house) from day 1 of our appointments at MD Anderson Cancer Clinic.  It was definitely an eye opening experience. 

First thing first, the news we got was the best news we could have gotten outside of hearing the words, "The tumor is gone!"  What we did hear is that this is definitely tumor and surgery is definitely on the back burner.  The tumor is in a very difficult part to reach and they will never be able to get it all.  Inevitably, it will be life altering and probably the cause of his death.

I know, where is the good news?

The good news is that we now know that surgery is not likely to happen for a while.  Hopefully a LONG while.  Because as long as he remains asymptomatic the surgery will do more harm than good to his quality of life.  Isn't that awesome news?!  He is so healthy right now that they don't want to do surgery!  Isn't that all any of us have anyway - right now.  And right now he is healthy and happy and has an amazing perspective on life and a great relationship with Jesus.  He has more with a brain tumor in his head than most people have without a brain tumor.

That, my friends, is the good news!

So what is on the horizon?  Well, it looks like we will get MRI's every 6 months for the next year and if they remain the same, than we will extend the MRI's to every year.  And when his symptoms get worse then we will have surgery.  And who knows when that will be, so we will continue to live.  Work, exercise, taxi kids around, laugh, go to the zoo and parks, share Jesus with our kids, take vacations, argue about who is the better driver and who is right, marvel over how fast the Little's are growing up and trust that God has a plan.  Not just for Joseph and I, but for our four little people.

A plan that gives us hope.
And a future.
A future that we can look forward to, not be afraid of.

While at MD Anderson today, I saw sick people.  Really sick people.  Really, really sick people that had no hair, puffy faces from chemo, scars and oxygen tanks.  All the battle wounds of disease.  But they also had something else.  Smiles, patience, dignity and resolve.  It was inspiring.  And a reminder to be thankful.  Thankful for the health of my little lovey's, for my health and most of all for the health of my Man.  Things could be much worse.  Much, much worse.


Brittany said...

Great news, Sabrina. Still praying daily.....

Soli Deo Gloria said...

What a God-glorifying attitude and outlook He has given you! We will continue to lift you up :)

Katie said...

That is good news Sabrina! Thanks for getting back to us today and love you guys!

The 5 Rohrers said...

I get teary almost everytime I read one of your posts, Sabrina. Partly because my heart praises God for how he is working in and through your awesome attitudes and partly because my heart aches for this trial you are walking through. We are praying for you guys! Thanks for sharing!

matt n karisa said...

Rejoicing with you! (And continuing to pray for you guys...)

The Westphals said...

I'm praising God right along with you, Sabrina! Will continue to keep you all in prayer.