Saturday, January 01, 2011

Another decade bites the dust

Yesterday as I was driving to my mama’s house to pick up the boys and spend the weekend, I was thinking over the fact that another decade has passed on the calendar. I remember ringing in 2000 with my HBFFL (hilarious best friend for life) Katie. Everyone was freaking out about Y2K. Remember that?!

Anyway, the past 10 years have flown by. Most amazing yet. Husband, kids, moves, well y’all know. It really was an amazing 10 years.

But this past year, 2010, was the most... soul searching year yet. My little world was perfect. Okay, maybe not perfect, but pretty stinkin’ good. And then things changed. It's still really good, but I came to the realization that life is most certainly fragile and that my family isn’t made of steel. I’ve always thought that this was the hardest life could get – a husband in the intense, training part of his career and 4 small children.

And now I know, it can get way harder than this.
It will get way harder than this.

I looked back at my past NY resolutions and they made me laugh. I didn’t make any last year, but prior to that it seems like I wanted to hit the gym more, learn to run and learn something new. (Here or here to name a few.)  I chuckle because the LAST thing I need to do is hit the gym more!! A couple of times a week I workout twice a day and starting Monday I will be teaching 10 classes a week at the gym. Yep, I do not need to be there anymore. And learning to run gave me a chuckle too. Now I coach running. Then the learning something new part, mercy, I’m at my fill with that quota too. Between the fitness trainings, sewing, being a wife, being a mom…I’m learning something new all the time. And most of the time with lots of errors first.

So this year, I decided on two things as my NY goals. They are by no stretch of the imagination equally important, but both are going to be really hard, especially for me. Here goes:

  1. I would like to be able to jump rope like this by the end of the year.
  2. I want to have more joy than frustration in every day things. I want to laugh more often than I get irritated. SO, every time I start to feel myself losing it, I can watch this. My favorite youtube video from last year. Oh, my.
I told you, definitely not equally important but both things I really want to learn to do. 
There are a few other things, that are close to my heart and I'm not ready to share, that I would like to master this year. 
But, this is good.  For now.


Kellie said...

Now I am cracking up b/c the 2nd video you posted said I couldn't watch it unless I disabled my "safety mode." Now I know it must be good!
Happy New Year, lovely lady!!

Sab Mad said...

Disable!! You'll love it!
I miss you Kel!!
Happy New Year!

Katie said...

Lakoocaracha! how could i forget bringing in the new year in Sugarland, TX! That was SO fun! Thanks representing Y2K!
And that last video made me pee my pants again...think I've watched it 35 times over the past 6months!
Love you and your family and thanks for sharing your heart
love love katie

Erin said...

Oh my goodness, that guy is something else! Thanks for the laughs. And goals are goals no matter how big or small girly! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Davies Family said...

Hahahaha...My brother just showed me that video over funny! I think they've even turned it into a song somewhere on youtube. :)